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a birthday to forget

As twins, Peter and Sally's birthdays have always been a joint celebration. Last year they went paint-balling. The year before was a trip to the cinema. This year it's Sally's turn to choose and one thing that she's never had is a proper girl's birthday party.
  • story (11,800 words approx)

a tight spot

Evading the school bully is the order of the day for James, but with the help from a girl he barely knows and the contents of a lost property box, she helps him out of a tight spot.
  • story (7,100 words approx)

a short protest

Every summer in recent years, some British high school boys have taken to wearing skirts to protest against not being allowed to wear shorts. Toby's not keen on taking part in what he considers a 'stupid protest', but his mother's very keen that he does.
  • story (5,000 words approx)

a suitable punishment

After getting soaked to the skin on the way to school, Mary suggests a most fitting punishment for her brother's silly antics... the last thing she expects is for her suggestion to be taken seriously.

a surrogate sister

A desperately depressed mother looks to her three sons to find the daughter she always longed for.

a trip to granny's

He only had to wear it for a few minutes so his mother could fix the hem... but that was just her ploy to get him into it. If Peter knew then what he knows now, he'd never have stepped into that dress!
  • story (6,000 words approx)

abigail's party

Peter is pestered into helping his mother choose a gift to take to his cousin's birthday party and amongst other things, he helps her choose a dress. What he doesn't realise is that he's just chosen the dress that he'll be wearing when he goes to Abigail's party.
  • story (3,500 words approx)

agent parker

As an integral part of an ongoing mission to root out Blofeld's global network of contacts, Agent Steve Parker finds himself going undercover as an air-hostess... and a very convincing one at that.
  • story (1,400 words approx)

...and a happy new year!

After being gifted a dress for Christmas, presumably by mistake, thirteen year old Alex thought it would be funny to wear it and was eager to try it on... had he known what the new year would bring, he'd have been a little more hesitant.
  • story (14,700 words approx)

ashford academy

A couple of schoolgirls think that their school's uniform rules are unfair, since the girls have to wear short skirts whilst the boys wear long trousers. Aware that the 'trousers for girls' battle has been fought and lost previously, they attempt a little reverse psychology on Mrs Bell, the school's head.


Twelve year old Peter frequently sneaks out of his bedroom window after curfew to hang out with his friends. But when his parents find out about him going AWOL so often, something has to be done.
  • story (17,000 words approx)

becoming alice

A last minute Glastonbury ticket sends Peter down the proverbial rabbit hole.
  • story (8,000 words approx)


Twelve year old Peter has endured the nickname 'Billy' for years. He used to go to ballet class but that's all a thing of the past... until the school's drama teacher writes a part for a boy who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer in the upcoming summer play.
  • story (8,000 words approx)

caught red handed

A very short story... while the cat's away
  • story (500 words approx)

conditions of inheritance

Great Aunt Agatha would leave her entire estate to my mother on the condition that my sister Mabel takes on the role of  live-in servant and housemaid to the grumpy old crone. Agatha is rumoured to be worth over a Million, so it's a tempting offer... only Mabel isn't keen on becoming a lowly servant.
  • story (14,400 words approx)

dawn of the genderquake

Set in the early day's of Jamie Vesta's Genderquake world... after seeing a news report about dresses entering the boy's departments of many high street stores, young Peter is relieved to hear that his mother feels it's just a passing fad and has no intention of buying one for her son... but what if it's more than just a passing fad?
  • story (3,500 words approx)

double trouble

Troublesome twins Peter and Paul push their mother too far this time. They return home after a weekend away to find their bedroom completely redecorated and their drawers and wardrobe completely restocked.
  • story (6,000 words approx)

dolls and dresses

December 1983.... young Timothy is getting excited about what Christmas will bring him. Meanwhile, his mother is becoming increasingly annoyed with his behaviour at school.
  • story (8,700 words approx)

dreams or nightmares?

Worried that her son isn't sleeping properly, Peter's mother takes him to see the doctor where he's asked to describe his dreams. Peter is reluctant since his dreams are dominated by a single theme; a theme he'd much rather keep to himself.
  • story (6,500 words approx)


A young man is hitch hiking home after a camping trip. The elements are against him and getting a lift in his soggy and sodden state is proving almost impossible. A much needed lift from a friendly young woman leads to new experiences.
  • story (4,000 words approx)

dressed under duress

Best friends Peter and Paul are pretty much inseparable. Their elder sisters are best friends too and whilst the boys can be mischievous, the girls can be downright malicious!
  • story (5,000 words approx)


As Peter and his sister walk to school, he's oblivious to the fact that his FaceBank page has been updated, unlike seemingly everyone in his class. They erupt into laughter when he enters.
  • story (2,000 words approx)


After being expelled from school and grounded indefinitely, Peter's mother takes drastic measures to ensure that her son remains grounded.

growing up is hard to do

Set in Jamie Vesta's Genderquake world... young Peter fears for the future as more and more boys begin wearing skirts and dresses, whether they like it or not.
  • story (15,500 words approx)

half term

After his first six weeks at boarding school, Peter heads home for his first half term break.
  • story (26,000 words approx)

halfway house

Sixteen year old Lawrence grew up in foster care and is currently living in a halfway house. It's not ideal since its services are geared towards helping youngsters with disabilities lead independent lives. After a meeting with a welfare worker, an alternative halfway house is suggested. Little does he know that his life is about to drastically change... permanently.
  • story (11,000 words approx)

house rules

As a child, William was often sent to spend a week or two with his Aunt Katinka; a staunch advocate of petticoating. Although William's mother never petticoated him at home, she felt that Aunt Katinka's unusual house rules were a 'harsh yet harmless' form of discipline. Now William is 26 and he's returning to stay with his aunt for a month or two... the last thing he expects is her to pick up where she left off all those years ago.
  • story (20,000 words approx)

i'll show you how it's done

After being too boisterous at a party, Peter's mother threatens to give him the spanking of a lifetime... but her sister has better ways to deal with unruly boys. "I'll show you how it's done!"
  • story (3,000 words approx)

jenny's room

Her brother Peter hated it almost as much as it intrigued him. "Why do girls like all this pink and frilly stuff?" he used to wonder. It didn't take long for his intrigue to grow into something more.

life on a small island

Stuck on an island which one cannot leave until the age of 21 years old, a young lad stows away to the mainland hoping to join his older brother in London, only to quickly find himself homeless and hungry on London's streets
  • story (13,000 words approx)

limited prospects

Captioned image... it could be a story one day.

may day

It's that time of year when the girls are getting giddy over who might be chosen as the year's May queen. Only this year both boys and girls can take part in the annual celebration.
  • story (23,000 words approx)


Peter and his family moved away last summer and he's failed to stay in regular contact with his old friends. But as the mid-term break approaches along with a brief return to his old town, he gets back in touch with his old friends and reluctantly tells them all about his new town and his new school.
  • story (30,000 words approx)

mother's day

Ever since he was little, Peter spent Mothering Sunday being treated like the daughter his mother never had. He didn't mind so much when he was younger but these days it's something he'd really rather not do... especially now he's old enough to wear a 'proper' bra.
  • story (800 words approx)

mother's wish

Whilst mother's away, the boys will play. Encouraged by elder brother James, John explores their mother's wardrobe and has his first taste of femininity. He finds the fact that they're playing dress-up behind their mother's back almost a thrilling as the floaty and frilly fabrics he wears... but is his mother really unaware of what's going on whilst she's away?
  • story (1,500 words approx)

my brother's a greaser!

Lauren and her mother take great pride in their appearance. Lauren's brother takes little pride in his appearance. He chooses to be scruffy, emulating the 70s biker style with disastrous results. Something must be done.
  • story (6,500 words approx)

my first mixed girls school

It's a well known fact that most of the larger towns and cities have at least one 'mixed' girl's school... but Matthew was confident that he'd never be unlucky enough to attend one. A new job takes his family to a new town... and a new educational experience looms.
  • story (16,000 words approx)

my saturday job

Debbie works on a street market stall each Saturday, one that sells the the most ghastly dresses imaginable. She doesn't know anyone who'd willingly wear any one of the dresses she sells, but they certainly sell. Often they're purchased as gifts by mothers and aunts, but Debbie can't imagine any girl being appreciative of such a ghastly gift... until she learns that they're not necessarily for girls.
  • story (1,000 words approx)

my sister's birthday

I wasn't happy when my mother told me that I'd be confined to my bedroom whilst my sister and her friends celebrated her birthday party, but my mother was adamant that I wouldn't be joining in.
  • story (4,400 words approx)

on the first day of christmas...

Tom-boy Susan isn't at all happy with the girlie dress her aunt gave her for Christmas... and her brother Peter is even less pleased with his!
  • story (4,000 words approx)

on the radio

Being a guest on national radio revealed far more about Robert's home life than he'd anticipated.
  • story (2,700 words approx)

p.a. for a day

A work-from-home mother told a little white lie to one of her clients; that being that she employs a personal assistant. When the client arranges a face to face meeting and requests that the P.A. also attends, her son Simon is the only person she can think of to play the part of P.A. for a day.
  • story (5,300 words approx)

peter's room

I'd never visited my friend Peter before but I did know where he lived, so one day I called round unannounced. His mother welcomed me in and directed me up to his bedroom... and it wasn't at all what I was expecting.

petticoating for schoolboys

A booklet to help parents and guardians ensure that their petticoated boys are the perfect pupils.

play nice

George is frequently mean to his little sister. He just can't play nicely with her. His aunt has a few ideas about to improve things, but his mother is reluctant to give petticoat discipline a try.
  • story (7,000 words approx)

podium girls

Janet's in a pickle. She's one of six podium girls at an opening event but one of them drops out at the last minute. None of her girlfriends want to demean themselves on a podium and not knowing where to turn... she turns to her brother!
  • story (10,000 words approx)

proactive parenting pamphlet

A petticoating pamphlet for parents and guardians.

ready for bed

Young Peter is excited to be visiting his cousins and aunt since it offers him a few days' respite from his new petticoating regime. All seems well and his secret is safe until his mother tells him it's time the get ready for bed.
  • story (1,800 words approx)

shopping with mother

An innocent comment whilst shopping leads to an unusual impulse purchase.
  • story (2,650 words approx)

should our menial males man up?

As the Genderquake tightens its grip, many undereducated males struggle find well paid jobs. They are faced with a harsh choice; work in the domestic or hospitality sector or be put on the CWP.

sold for sixpence

London: 1896. Twelve year old Thomas is a scavenging street urchin, begging and thieving to keep himself nourished. An older impoverished girl stops him from snatching a barmcake and drags him by the collar through London's streets to Ravenscourt House; a place where Thomas' life will change forever... but will it be a change for the better?
  • story (13,500 words approx)

studying servitude with charlie the charboy

A magazine article featuring Marie and her fifteen year old son Charles. In a world where the women are the breadwinners and the males struggle to find work, more and more men are becoming reluctant househusbands... but Charles will be different. His mother is preparing him for married life before he's even left school.

summerday sands

A misjudged leap over a stagnant pool leads to a change of clothes for Peter.
  • story (3,250 words approx)

sunday school

After being caught red handed committing an act of vandalism, young Liam is told by the magistrate that he'll have to attend Sunday school for some much needed moral guidance.
  • story (10,000 words approx)

super nanny

The prospect of being on TV was nothing short of amazing... and when the cameras started to roll, my life was quickly turned upside-down. When the show eventually airs on TV... everyone I know is going to see just what Super Nanny did to me!
  • story (750 words approx)


After my sister taught me the basics of tap dancing, I decided to join her Saturday morning tap dancing class. The teacher directed me towards the changing rooms and I naturally assumed the costume hanging up was for me... how wrong I was!
  • story (5,000 words approx)

the charboy's apprentice

A follow up story from the article Studying Servitude with Charlie the Charboy... impressed with what she read in the article about Charlie, Francine pays Marie a visit as she's keen to set her son Michael on a similar path.
  • story (10,500 words approx)

the clearout

With a host of old clothes to get rid of, Emma decides to sell them on-line so she can raise some money to buy even more clothes. She's decided to model the clothes she's selling rather than photographing them on hangers, and asks her brother to undertake the photographic duties... unfortunately for Peter, he's not much of a photographer.
  • story (14,800 words approx)

the evacuee

The villagers inspected the evacuees as if they were livestock, choosing the healthiest and cleanest first and foremost. By the time Mrs Postlethwaite arrived, all the 'decent' children had been taken leaving her two boys and a girl to choose from. “I said I could house two girls at the most and you've only got one!” Mrs Postlethwaite barked. “I don't like boys, I don't trust boys, and I have no intention of housing one... especially a scratty little urchin like that!” she said, pointing at young Billy.
  • story (14,000 words approx)

the petticoat trial

Everyone knows a boy who's at least rumoured to be a petticoatee and everyone hopes it'll never happen to them... but thirteen year old Gavin has just been told that he's going to be petticoated, just for a while... a four week trial to see how he gets on. However Gavin's mother doesn't want to petticoat him just yet... there's a few things she needs to get first.
  • story (48,000 words approx)

the phone call

After falling in the pond at his cousin's house and getting all muddy, young Matthew ends up having to wear a dress... it's not so bad but the last thing he wants to do is walk home wearing it, so he rings his mother to ask if she'll collect him in the car.
  • story (1,100 words approx)

the salon solution

Peter was occasionally petticoated when he was little, but now he's sixteen his mother feels he's too old for petticoat discipline... but is he?
  • story (8,000 words approx)

the top of the telly

A captioned image


Alan and Wayne are skipping school when a woman approaches. In spite of their fibs to the contrary, they know that she knows that they're playing truant. She suggests they do some work in her garden, keeping them out of sight and out of trouble, and with the promise of a pound each for a job well done, they agree.
  • story (25,000 words approx)

unwanted gifts

It's Christmas morning and closeted cross dresser Peter is about to receive an unexpected gift from his sister Hannah... and his Christmas could be ruined!
  • story (16,200 words approx)


  1. Your genderquake story is perhaps your best yet.. or at least, it's surely my favorite! The subtlety of it, and the slow yet inexorable change in attitude of the boys is displayed perfectly. Thanks so much for writing it, and I can only dream of a follow-up!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it... there may not be a follow up as such, but there's a good chance there will be more stories set in the Genderquake world.

  3. Come on PJ. When is your next story coming out? Your last one was months ago.

  4. soon... i promise... my problem is i struggle to finish them and am far too quixotic... I've worked on nine different stories this year and haven't finished any of them, but I'm trying to! :)

    1. OK... i decided to make one into a two parter and the first half is up... hope you like it 'anonymous' :D

  5. no new stories for long time , plz share one

  6. Replies
    1. Not sure if there's going to be a third instalment to Peter's Room... but I am working on several new stories :)

  7. You know whqt pj you are the best story writer