A Suitable Punishment - Part II

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It was Wednesday morning as Jon and his sister Mary walked to school together.
Once again Jon was to spend the entire day wearing the girls uniform instead of his own...

You'll be OK Jon.” Said Mary as they neared their school. “It's only 'til Friday and you honestly look OK... for a boy.” She added.

It was bad enough yesterday.” He quietly moaned. “I'm going to get so much grief today!”

A group of kids were loitering at the entrance as they walked ever closer. “Hey nice legs Jon!” Shouted one of the boys as Jon and Mary entered the school gates. Jon blushed and kept his head down.

Oh look he's got tights on today!” laughed another, “And girls shoes too!”

A Suitable Punishment

Jon & Mary's Mother waved them off to school and as usual, she reminded Jon not to get up to any mischief, to which he replied, “OK Mum”. Jon was always trying to tease his sister, who was a year younger than him yet just as tall. Not that Jon was tall, quite short for a boy in fact.

It was a long walk to their school, a distance they walked every day, come rain or shine. It began to drizzle and Mary flicked open her umbrella. Ever the prankster, Jon snatched the umbrella. “Oh thanks Mary.” he said as he ran ahead, away from her. “This should keep the rain of me”.

Mary shouted at him, “Give it back!”, but he refused and staying out of her reach, she could do little to retrieve her umbrella. “Please Jon, I'll get soaked...” she pleaded. “Plus you've got a raincoat, you don't need a brolly.” she pointed out.

Jon, knowing he was 100% in the wrong, yet more interested in winding his sister up and trying to be funny chose to run away when she tried to catch up with him. He made silly jokes at her getting wet rather than do the right thing and give the umbrella back to her. All the time, Mary got madder and madder, and wetter and wetter. Her blazer was short and fitted, her short pleated skirt, now drenched was sticking to her legs and her hair hung dankly on her shoulders. Her white ankle socks offered little leg protection.

Finally they arrived at school and Mary caught up with her brother in the corridor. Leaving a trail of dripping water as she marched toward her 'still grinning like an idiot' brother. Unable to contain her rage, she pushed him as hard as she could. Jon landed on his rear and by the look on his face he plainly didn't expect his sister to attack him. “Mary!” he protested. “Calm down.” he said. “It was only a joke!” he claimed.

Grounded - Part II

15 year old Peter had been expelled from school and is now permanently grounded at home. After being caught climbing out of the window by his mother, he has lost access to his own room and is staying in his sisters bedroom instead. This means the only clothing Peter has are his sisters! Peter has been wearing his sisters knickers, skirts and dresses for two weeks now. When his sister returned home for the weekend, she tries to help him in his predicament by buying him his first bra, shaping his eyebrows and piercing his ears. Peter is beginning to enjoy being a girl for a change.

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Mum and I silently watched the TV for a while as the clock ticked towards my bedtime. The clock chimed eight and as usual, I got up to get ready for bed. Washing my face took seemingly ages as I wasn't used to removing make up. I was expecting to turn back into 'me' once I'd removed it all, but no... I still look 'pretty'. My newly pierced ears and my shaped eyebrows gave my face a pronounced feminine appearance, even without any make up!


I guess I was in my 3rd year at senior school when I realised the advantages of truancy. You see, ever since I started senior school I'd been bullied and picked on by a couple of boys in my class, one in particular, but he'd influence some of the others to join his cause and make my life a misery. I figured if I wasn't there, they couldn't get me, so I began skipping the odd day here and there. Usually I'd skip the days which I shared classes with those I needed to avoid the most. First I'd take a day off every month or so. That soon became two or three days off every month. And by the time I was halfway through my 5th & final year, I was taking at least one day off each week.

Today, my year tutor had some serious words for me. She explained that due to my constant truancy, I was throwing away my most important school years, and with them my future. I knew she was over exaggerating the situation as I was fully aware that once I'd left school I'd be able to study my GCSE's at the local college without any hassle from the bullies. Yeah, it'd take me a couple more years to get them but at 15 years old, there's plenty of life ahead of me. I never explained my reasoning to my year tutor. I never used bullying as an excuse for my truancy. I just nicked off one day and turned up the next with little or no explanation. My year tutor informed me that a letter had been sent home to my mother, and that I was possibly facing a suspension or expulsion. Both sounded good to me.

I wasn't looking forward to going home though. Mum and I usually got on well, but Mum had no idea (until now) that I was truanting from school. I guess that nugget of information will change things somewhat.