A Suitable Punishment - Part II

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It was Wednesday morning as Jon and his sister Mary walked to school together.
Once again Jon was to spend the entire day wearing the girls uniform instead of his own...

You'll be OK Jon.” Said Mary as they neared their school. “It's only 'til Friday and you honestly look OK... for a boy.” She added.

It was bad enough yesterday.” He quietly moaned. “I'm going to get so much grief today!”

A group of kids were loitering at the entrance as they walked ever closer. “Hey nice legs Jon!” Shouted one of the boys as Jon and Mary entered the school gates. Jon blushed and kept his head down.

Oh look he's got tights on today!” laughed another, “And girls shoes too!”

Again, Jon didn't respond.

During registration, everybody in Jon's class seemed to be pointing and giggling at him, especially when he removed his blazer to reveal his pretty blouse with its lace edged collar and short puffed sleeves. “Oh he's got a lacy vest under it too!” Blurted one of the girls as his lacy vest was plainly visible beneath his blouse. “Are you wearing knickers too Jon?” She added.

Jon wanted to die. He couldn't possibly tell them the truth, so again, he responded with silence and embarrassment.

Mrs. Beadle would like everyone to be fully aware that anyone who steps out of line... and that INCLUDES teasing Jonathan... will be sent directly to her office!” Shouted the form teacher as she heard the teasing. “Do you understand?”

The class quietened down and the teacher proceeded to call the register. When she called out Jon's name, Michael Jenkins shouted, “Don't you mean 'Jane' Miss?” A wave of giggles echoed around the room. “What about Joanne?” One of the girls suggested.

Jenkins that's it!” Shouted the teacher. “You will go to Mrs. Beadle's office immediately!”

As the bully stormed out of the room, he passed Jon and said under his breath, “I'm gonna get you for this... fucking queer!”

That's enough Jenkins!” Shouted the teacher, noticing his hostility towards Jon.

Jon wanted to cry. He glanced around the room nervously. The other pupils were either watching Michael Jenkins as he left, looking at Jon or looking at their shoes. He caught a glance of Sharon, who looked at him with concern, she smiled reassuringly. He half smiled back, as much as he could muster under the circumstances. The threat from Michael Jenkins echoed around his skull.

As Jon left the form room and headed to his first class, the teasing and sniggering began once again. However it was in hushed tones and some of the more sensible and less boisterous kids frequently reminded the others that they'd best not cross Mrs. Beadle.

Jon attempted to hang around with his two best friends, Mark and Stuart, during morning break but they were obviously not comfortable being around him dressed as he was, so Jon eventually chose to hang around on his own.

Hi Jon.” Said a girls voice. Jon turned around and saw Sharon approaching him, along with one of her friends. “You look much better with those shoes on.” She smiled.

They're my sister's.” He replied, looking at his little shoes. He was never going to get used to seeing his legs, clad in opaque navy blue tights appearing from beneath his grey pleated school skirt.

So what did your Mum say when you got home last night?" She asked.

She said I had to wear this until Friday.” He moaned as he smoothed the skirt over his lap.

Sharon's friend giggled. “Do you like it?”

No!" He replied short and sharply.

Oh well.” She replied. “We think more boys should have to wear skirts.” She added.

No way!” He protested. “It's horrible dressing like this.” He looked down at his legs again. “And these tights are itchy.”

Both girls looked at Jon's legs. Sharon suggested he should shave his legs seeing as he's wearing tights.

I'm not shaving my legs!” He protested.

I was only making a suggestion Jon.” Sharon retorted impatiently. “You took my advise on the shoes didn't you?”

Jon pondered for a moment. He remembered Sharon saying the previous day that he looked OK, apart from his boys shoes and it was that thought which prompted him to wear some of his sisters shoes instead. “Sorry.” He replied. “I didn't mean to snap.”

That's OK.” She replied. “I know you must feel a bit weird being the only boy in school wearing a skirt.”

Jon nodded and gulped in agreement.

A brief pause followed, until Sharon's friend said, “Hey we have PE on Friday... will you be wearing a gym slip?”

Jon's mind flooded with dread at the prospect of doing PE wearing the girls kit. Both Sharon and her friend giggled at him, before wondering off, still giggling. “I hope not!” Said Jon to himself as they left him to spend the remainder of break alone.

Each lesson that day started with the usual whispers, points and giggles aimed at Jon. But this quietened as each teacher would remind the class that they would be sent straight to Mrs. Beadles office. Jon was still nervous of bumping into Michael Jenkins after the threat he issued at registration. Although Jon did notice that Jenkins was not in any of the classes they would usually share.

The last lesson of the day was Geography. Jon was teased on two fronts when this final lesson began. Firstly and most obviously, he was teased for his shoes, his tights, his skirt, his blouse and the lace edged vest which was plainly visible beneath it. And secondly for choosing to sit next to Michelle Greene; the shy girl who was cruelly nicknamed 'Smelly Shelly'.

As on the previous day, Michelle helped Jon with a subject he was usually hopeless at. Although Michelle didn't say much aside from the subject at hand, Jon felt an affinity with her. She had always been subjected to cruel teasing from the other kids and the last two days, Jon has found himself in the same situation. One of the kids made a joke about Michelle being smelly, and Jon quickly retorted to defend her, “Leave her alone! She doesn't smell.” He insisted.

Michelle smiled at Jon, before quietly saying “You don't have to defend me you know.”

I hate it when they're like that though.” He replied. “It's not fair.” He added, knowing full well of his hypocrisy. If it wasn't for the fact that he too was now a subject of ridicule, he would have joined in the teasing of 'Smelly Shelly'.

I just ignore them.” She said confidently. “And so should you if you want to learn anything.” Her advice steered their attention back to the books for the duration of the lesson.

As the lesson drew to a close, one of the prefects knocked and entered, gave the teacher a note, and promptly left. The teacher read the note, looked over to Jon and said. “Jon, Mrs. Beadle would like to see you after class.”

Jon complied with a simple nod and before long, they packed their books away. Jon thanked Michelle for helping him yet again. The bell rang and they exited the classroom together, along with several jibes from some of the other pupils. “Just ignore them.” Reminded Michelle quietly.

They parted company and Jon made his way to Mrs. Beadles office. “Ah Jon.” She said as he entered, “How have your lessons been today?”

OK Miss.” He replied.

Well yet again I've had nothing but good reports about your behaviour. It appears that this punishment is having a positive influence on you!”

Yes Miss.”

She removed her glasses and placed them in front of her. “Now... I understand you had a bit of a run in with Michael Jenkins this morning?” She asked rhetorically.

Err... Yes Miss.” He replied, bowing his head in shame.

Well Michael has something to say to you.” She replied. “Michael!” She shouted towards the head's office door. “Could you come in here please?”

The door opened and Michael Jenkins appeared. His well built frame was somewhat diminished by the sheepish look on his face.

You have something to say to Jonathan.” She instructed.

Er... I'm er... sorry for what I said before.” He nervously muttered. “And for calling you a queer.”

Thanks.” Jon nervously replied to the notorious bully, who stood a good six inches above him. Despite his height and build, the bully appeared non-threatening for once. He held out his large hand as a gesture of good will. Nervously Jon shook his hand and they made their peace.

That's better.” Said Mrs. Beadle. “Now, I will not tolerate fighting, bullying, teasing or...” She turned her attention directly to Jon, “... any other stupid pranks in or around this school... Do you understand?”

Yes Miss.” Both the boys muttered in unison.

Now Michael...” She said. “You are fully aware that Jon is being punished, hence his current attire.”

Yes Miss.” He replied.

Well... to make things 100% clear...” She said as she stood up from behind her desk and opened one of the large built in cupboards, “...if I hear of any more incidents like this one, you will find yourself in exactly the same situation as Jon.”

Michael gawped, his jaw hanging limp at the contents of the open cupboard. Within it was a selection of school skirts, blazers and blouses, all hanging in sets on individual hangers.

Mrs. Beadle removed one of the hangers and held it up proudly for Michael to see. “I think this one should fit you perfectly Michael.” She stated, looking him in the eye, “So please bear that in mind before you disobey any of the school rules or disrespect any of your classmates.” She suggested before returning the skirt, blouse and blazer to the cupboard.

Yes Miss.” Jenkins replied sheepishly.

Even Jon felt Michael's relief when the girls uniform was placed back into the cupboard.

Mrs. Beadle checked her watch. “Michael... you have 20 minutes left of your detention. Jonathan... you may leave.”

Eager to get out of there, Jon promptly left. He nodded at Jenkins as if to further seal their truce. Jenkins nodded back. Jon was relieved that Jenkins was unlikely to give him any more grief, especially with the threat of him having to wear a girls uniform hanging over him.

Mary wasn't waiting for Jon when he reached the school gates so once again he walked home alone. Jon kept glancing at his feet as he walked. “At least it's not raining today.” He said to himself as he remembered the walk home the previous evening. He was also glad of the extra covering his tights gave him, although they were itchy and uncomfortable to wear.

You're late.” Said his Mother as he entered the kitchen.

Sorry,” He replied, “Mr's Beadle wanted to see me after class.”

I did wait for you.” Said Mary, who was sat at the table doing her homework, “But I figured you had another detention so I left.”

That's OK sis.” He said as he placed his bag on the table and hung his blazer on a coat hook.

What did Mrs. Beadle want?” His Mother asked, looking at him from head to toe with a wry smile on her face.

Jon noticed the way his mother looked at him as he stood there in his blouse, pleated grey skirt, navy blue tights and his sisters shoes. “Can I change Mum?” He asked.

Not until you've finished your homework.” She replied. “You know the rules.”

Oh Mum...” He moaned. “Can't I at least take these tights off?” He asked. “Please... My legs are itchy.”

Very well.” She replied.

Jon left in haste, eager to get the tights off. He sat on the edge of his bed and dragged his legs out of them, before slipping his bare feet back in to the shoes he'd worn all day and returned to the kitchen.

Better?” His Mum asked.

Yes!” He replied. “Those tights are so uncomfortable!” He added as he smoothed his skirt under him before sitting at the table to start his homework. “How can you wear them?” He said to Mary.

I only wear them when it's cold.” Mary replied. “I much prefer socks in the summer.”

Again a wry smile swept his mothers face as he sat. “Well you can wear knee socks tomorrow if you don't like wearing tights.” She suggested.

Or you can shave them.” Mary added.

A look of dread swept Jon's face. He certainly didn't want to shave his legs, nor did he want to wear knee socks. The one thing the tights have going for them is they at least cover him up a bit.

Anyway... You still haven't told me what Mrs. Beadle wanted.” His mother asked.

Oh er....” Stammered Jon, not wanting to confess to being teased. “Erm... one of the boys got sent to her office at registration for er... threatening me... er... and Mrs. Beadle made him apologise.”

Which boy?” She asked, ever defensive of her children.

Er... Michael Jenkins.” He replied.

That big bruiser!” She exclaimed. “From primary school?”

Jon nodded.

How did she ever get Michael Jenkins to apologise?” Mary asked, knowing his reputation.

She threatened to make him wear the girls uniform too!”

No way!” Mary gushed.

Really?” Mum quizzed.

Yep!” Jon replied. “She has a cupboard full of them. I think Jenkins thought he'd be going home in one when she got one out in his size.”

Hmm...” Pondered their Mother, “It appears that Mrs. Beadle's new punishment is working wonders.” She said as she turned her attention back to the meal she was preparing.

Jon and Mary quietly got on with their homework. After a while, Mary ducked her head slightly so she could see Jon's bare legs emerging from his school skirt beneath the table. “If you do wear knee socks tomorrow...” She returned to her upright position, “...you'll have to shave your legs anyway.” She pointed out.

Why?” Asked Jon ignorantly.

Because you'll look silly in a skirt with hairy legs!”

I look silly in a skirt anyway!” He insisted.

No you don't!” Said both his mother and Mary simultaneously.

Of course I do!” He pretested. “Look at me.” He said, standing up from his chair.

Bot Mary and his mother looked him up and down for a moment. His feminine blouse fitted him perfectly. The lace edged vest beneath it looked pretty. The girl's school tie looked smart. His short pleated skirt fell to his mid thigh and looked quite cute and his feet were clad in the single strap ballet pumps he'd borrowed off his sister.“ Apart from your hairy legs you look fine.” Said Mary. “And no one can tell they're hairy when you've got tights on.”

But they itch!” He claimed.

They wont if you shave though.” Mary insisted impatiently. “What do you think Mum?”

She pondered for a moment, before saying, “Well Mary is right Jon... knees socks and hairy legs will look silly... and if you want your tights to be comfortable...” She paused, leaving the decision in Jon's hands.

Jon was still unsure. All he wanted was to not have to consider any of this. He sat back at the table and continued with his homework.

Mary had finished her homework shortly before supper and changed into her casual clothes as soon as she was done. Their Mother thought it was only fair that if Jon has to wear his uniform until his homework is complete, then so should his sister.

After supper, Jon and Mary as usual did the washing up, drying and putting away between them.

Do you reckon Beadle would have really made Jenkins wear a skirt?” Mary asked.

Yep.” Replied Jon. “She had about seven of them; skirts, blouses and blazers... all in various sizes...“ He described, “...all ready set out on individual hangers laying in wait for their next victim.”

Blimey!” She replied. “I had no idea she'd do it when I said you should wear my uniform.” She paused. “Sorry.” She bit her lip.

Jon knew full well that all this stemmed from Mary's suggestion. However he was also aware that his antics were the root of the situation. “It's OK sis... It's my own stupid fault.” He paused. “I am sorry about yesterday.” He confessed.

Mary almost had a tear in her eye... almost. She looked down at his uniform and back to his face. “I know.” She replied, knowing she'd gotten the better of him this time.

Jon still had a little homework to finish after supper, and his Mother refused to let him change out of his uniform until it was completed.

Mary?" He asked. “Are you any good at geography?”

Not bad.” She replied. “What's the problem?” She asked as she rejoined him at the table.

With Mary's help, Jon eventually finished his homework. “Thanks sis.” He said as he packed his books away. “At last I can get out of this skirt!”

No problem.” She smiled. “Oh, I left something on your bed for you.” She said as he eagerly went to change into his own clothes.

When Jon entered his bedroom, he saw what Mary had left for him. There was a note saying, 'just in case you decide to shave' on top of a plastic box which contained her electric lady shaver and a variety of attachments. Jon inspected the ergonomically shaped pink shaver for a moment before clicking the switch. As it buzzed away Jon looked down at his pleated school skirt and his hairy legs beneath it. He turned the shaver off before perusing the manual. There were separate bits for leg hair, under arm and bikini line.

Bikini line!” He said to himself, “I don't think so!” he added, before he removed his skirt & blouse and hung them neatly on a hanger. He sat on the edge of his bed and began slowly removing the hair from his legs. It took far longer to shave his legs than he expected, and once he was finished, he inspected them to make sure he hadn't missed any stray hairs.

Without thinking, he changed the attachment and went on to shave his armpits too. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, holding one arm above his head, shaving the second armpit when he heard a knock on his door. No sooner had he clicked off the shaver and dropped his arm, the door opened and his sister popped her head around the door. “I thought I could hear buzzing.” She said.

Mary!... Can't you knock and wait? I'm barely dressed!”

Sorry!” She replied. “I didn't think.”

Jon went bright red as he sat there in his knickers and vest, having just shaved most of his body hair off. Mary stood there grinning from ear to ear. “You're doing your pits too?” She asked knowingly.

You're still here!” He sighed. “A little privacy please?” He asked.

Oh yeah... sorry.” Replied Mary as she closed the door, leaving him alone once more. Jon quickly finished shaving his arm pit, before pulling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

He cleaned the hairs off the shaver before leaving his bedroom and tapping on Mary's door.

Come in.” She said.

Jon opened the door and entered, giving her the lady shave back. “Thanks.” He shyly said.

You're welcome.” She replied. “How do they feel?”

Weird” He replied.

Roll your leg up.” She instructed. “Let's have a look.”

Jon sat beside her on the bed, raised one leg and rolled up his trouser leg, running his hand over his smooth skin as he did so.

Mary ran her hand over his smooth leg also and said, “Much better! Now your tights won't itch and they'll look nice with socks too.” She smiled.

I'd rather just wear my old uniform.” Jon moaned.

Oh cheer up Jon.” She said supportively. “At least you're not built like Jenkins! He'd have stuck out like a sore thumb... whereas you make a quite convincing school girl.”

Oh thanks.” He replied with a bucketful of sarcasm. “Lucky me!”

You know what I mean.” Mary insisted. “You must admit that you look far better in a skirt than Michael Jenkins would, or Rodney Marsh for that matter!”

They both chuckled at the idea of those two if they ended up having to wear the girls uniform too. “I suppose.” Jon conceded.

Mary and Jon shared a comfortable silence before Mary reached over to her bedside table and retrieved a head band. “Here, try his.” She said, holding it ready to slip onto his head.

I'm not wearing that!” He protested. “It's bad enough wearing the skirt!”

I only want to see what it looks like.” She insisted. “Only for a moment.” She added with 'please' written all over her face.

Jon sighed. “Go on then.” He muttered, letting Mary place the metal head band onto his forehead before pushing it back to comb his fringe off his face.

She then pulled it forwards just a little, before smiling from ear to ear. “Have a look.” She said.

Jon leant to one side so he could see his reflection in her dressing table mirror. He looked different with his hair off his face. “I can't wear this!” He said as he pulled it off. “I look like a right girl!”

I know!” she smiled as she took the hair band from him, removed a few if his hairs from its teeth and placed it onto her own head, giving herself a similar style to the one she'd just given Jon. She smiled at him as he observed her wearing the head band. “And what's wrong with looking like a girl?” She asked.

Nothing.” Jon replied. “If you 'are' a girl!” He added.

They spent the rest of the evening watching TV in the lounge. Jon kept his hand wrapped around his smooth ankle as he sat curled up on the sofa. His thumb was almost constantly running over a small section of his hairless limb. Unwittingly, he ran his hand up towards his knee to feel his shin, lifting his trouser leg up as his did so. “I see you decided to shave then?” His Mother asked as she noticed.

Oh er...” He stammered. “Mary lent me her lady shave.”

Well you obviously like it.” She added. “You've not had your hand off them all evening.”

Jon blushed whilst Mary smiled, as did their Mother.

Before long bedtime arrived. Jon removed his jeans and t-shirt ready for bed. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. His legs did look better he surmised. Not because they actually did look better... longer and more shapely, but only because they suited his predicament better, he convinced himself. He climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning he woke to the sound of his mother opening his curtains. Once the room was flooded with daylight, she opened his underwear drawer and removed a pair of clean knickers and a vest for him and placed them on his chair. She opened another drawer and asked, “Knee socks or tights today?” She turned to her son as she spoke. Jon pulled the duvet off of himself and swung himself into a seated position. “Oh...” Said his Mother, somewhat surprised. “You slept in your underwear?”

Jon, still yawning, looked down at himself. He was still wearing the white lace edged vest and matching knickers. His hairless legs surprised him and he ran his hands over his thighs to feel their new smoothness. He blushed, knowing he must have looked a sight. “Er... yeah.” Was his only reply.

His Mother smiled at him, “Socks or tights?” She asked, holding a pair of white knee socks in one hand and a pair of navy blue tights in the other.

Er... tights.” He replied. “Are you sure?” She asked. “It's going to be warm today.”

But they cover my knickers up.” He replied.

She placed the tights with his clean underwear and put the knee socks back into his drawer. She left him alone to get dressed.

Jon changed into the clean underwear. As he did so he cursed himself for getting into such a pickle. “Still, only one more day after today.” He said to himself as he slid the tights up his legs, instantly noticing how much better they felt against his hairless skin.

Once he was dressed he went to the kitchen to have some breakfast. Mary was buttering a pile of toast as he entered. She looked down at his legs. “How do the tights feel today?” She asked.

Jon looked down at himself. He still couldn't get used to it; seeing his navy blue legs emerging from his pleated skirt and ending in a pair of black ballet shoes. “OK.” He replied shyly but honestly. He didn't notice the smile Mary and his Mother shared.

Once again, their Mother smiled to herself as she watched her son and daughter walk down the lane together in their matching school uniforms.

He received the usual taunts as he and Mary entered the school gates. “Leave him alone!” Mary shouted at a group of boys. “Or you'll end up dressed as a girl too!” She threatened.

Just ignore them Mary.” Jon advised, before they went their separate ways.

Another batch of jeers welcomed him as he entered his form room. However Michael Jenkins remained silent. This was a small, but very significant consolation. The teacher quietened the class down prior to calling the register. As Jon's name was called, one of the girls shouted, “Don't you mean June Miss?”

Lorraine Baxter!... Get out!” Shouted the form teacher. “...and go immediately to Mrs. Beadle's office!”

What's she going to do?” Retorted the girl, “Make me wear a skirt?” She asked cockily, before storming out of the room.

The teacher shook her head disapprovingly as she left. None of the other kids seemed impressed with Lorraine's outburst either. She was definitely one of the school bitches.

Jon was halfway through his first lesson when Lorraine retuned to class. A wave of giggles swept the room as she shyly entered. The teacher looked her up and down knowingly. “Been to see Mrs. Beadle have we Lorraine?” He asked rhetorically. “Take a seat.” He added.

Lorraine looked like she wanted the world to swallow her whole. Instead of her school skirt, she now wore a grey pinafore dress over her blouse. The same style as she would have worn in primary school, complete with a zip up the front and a big round zip-pull. Instead of her tights, she wore a pair of white knee socks, which only added to the childish image she'd been given.

The girls whispered to each other as she sheepishly sat herself down and got her books out. The boys just stared at the bizarre vision of the teenage girl dressed in a uniform more suited to a six year old girl. It appears that Mrs. beadle has an equally humiliating punishment for the girls too!

This time it was Lorraine who was the talk of the staff room throughout lunch. As with Jon's punishment, Lorraine's uniform for the day received a mixed response, however all seemed to agree that the punishment was having a positive influence on her usual unruly behaviour.

Jon sat alone on a bench and ate his packed lunch. Michelle Greene joined him which was unusual as she would normally sit alone too. She asked him how he was and he said, “Fine thanks Michelle. How are you?”

I'm OK.” She smiled. Jon asked her if she'd seen Lorraine Baxter today. She hadn't so Jon took the opportunity to tell her all about her being punished too.

Oh my God!... I hated having to wear those even when I was eight, let alone now I'm thirteen!” She said.

In hushed tones he went on to tell her about Michael Jenkins being threatened with a girls uniform the previous day. “She's got a cupboard full of them!” Jon added.

Michelle pondered for a moment. “It's harmless enough I suppose.” She said, before an evil grin swept her face. “I'd make him wear a bra too!” She added.

I'm glad I don't have to wear a bra.” Jon replied.

I wonder what his parents would do?... I mean, if he did end up wearing a skirt.” Michelle wondered.

Well my Mum thinks it's the perfect punishment.” Jon replied with regret. “I have to wear this thing until I've finished all of my homework!” He added. “It was well after 7 o'clock when I finally got my own clothes on!”

Oh well.” She replied. “Still, at least you look OK in it. I can't image what Michael Jenkins would have looked like!”

Jon knew he'd just been complemented, but it was a complement he'd rather not be in a position to receive.

He shyly looked at his knees. “What classes do you have this afternoon?” He asked.

English, then maths, then history.” She replied. “You?”

Physics, then English, then history.” He paused, “Mind if I sit with you in History?” He asked.

Sure.” She replied with a smile.

The end of lunch bell rang so Jon and Michelle went their separate ways. Once again, Jon sat with Sharon in his physics class. The benches were laid out in a 'U' shape which meant one half was all boys, and the other all girls. This put Jon definitely on the girls side of the class, and due to his attire, he felt more comfortable there.

Sharon quietly asked if his tights were still itching. Since he'd shaved his legs they weren't, however Jon was reluctant to admit such a thing, so he said, “Yes.” before feigning an itch which he promptly scratched.

Well shave them or wear socks instead.” She suggested, matter of factly.

No point...” He lied. “I've only got tomorrow and then I get my old uniform back.” He wondered if Sharon knew he was lying as he spoke, but he simply could not admit to her that he had in fact shaved his legs. 'They do feel loads better though' thought to himself.

Oh...” She said suddenly and little too loudly, “...and you've got P.E. tomorrow, have you got your gym slip ready?”

Jon knew she was teasing him. “No.” He replied bluntly.

Maybe you could borrow one off Smelly Shelly?” She suggested with more than a hint of sarcasm.

Jon didn't like the way the conversation was going. “Don't call her that.” He asked.

Why not?” Replied Sharon, “She is smelly!”

She isn't!” Jon insisted.

Jon! Sharon! Get on with your work.” Said the teacher, who had noticed their conversation escalating.

With that, they both returned their attention to the project in hand. However Jon was unimpressed with Sharon's disdain towards Michelle. Part of him was disappointed because since Tuesday he thought he'd made two new friends; this meant a lot to him because his other two friends seemed to avoid him like the plague. However since hearing what he'd just heard from Sharon, he figured he'd only really made one new friend.

By the time history arrived, Jon looked forward to seeing a friendly face again. Well, almost... Michelle was more of a mass of ginger curls rather than a face, but if you looked really hard, I mean 'really' hard, then maybe you'd make out an eye, nose or mouth in there... but never at the same time!

Jon was already seated when Michelle entered, he pulled the chair out next to him, making it obvious to the rest of the class that he wanted her to sit beside him. This attracted several taunts, but heeding Michelle's advise, he ignored them.

Jon felt guilty because he knew full well that he was once one of Michelle's tormentors too. But he's had the opportunity to see her for what she is, rather than get a second hand opinion of her. She's not the smelly freak who's worth avoiding... she's smart, inoffensive, helpful and unlike seemingly the rest of the entire school... non-judgemental.

Mr. Bronson set their homework assignment and said. “I want this completed for tomorrow morning!” Which received a multitude of sighs and moans from the class.

Once the final bell rang, Jon and Michelle walked to the school gates where he'd normally meet his sister. “I can't wait for this time tomorrow.” He said as they took the short cut across the playing field.

Why?” Michelle asked.

Because it's Friday!” He said eagerly.

Friday to me signals the start of a very short weekend, closely followed by Monday which lands me right back in this shit hole!” She added with more than a dash of hate.

Er...” Jon nervously replied after Michelle's outburst. “...It'll be my last day of having to wear this bloody skirt though!”

Oh... er... sure...” She replied, rolling her eyes. “It doesn't matter what you wear Jon... by the time Monday arrives, you'll be stuck back in this zoo!” She said as she turned to face the building, flicking the v's as she did so.

This is true...” Replied Jon. “But at least I'll have my pants back.” He added.

Here hold this will you?” Said Michelle, passing Jon her school bag. “It's too warm.” She said as she pulled her blazer off, took her bag back and hung her blazer over her bag. “Thanks.” She smiled.

I hope it's this warm on the weekend.” He added, looking up at the sun as it beat down on them. He considered taking his blazer off too, but chose not to as he felt more secure with it on.

Mary was waiting for him at the gate when they arrived. He introduced Michelle to her before saying, “I'll see you in History first thing I guess.”

Michelle nodded, said nothing, hung her head low and scurried off in the opposite direction.

She seems a bit weird.” Said Mary as soon as they got out of earshot.

Jon took a long slow intake of breath. This was closely followed by an equally slow exhale. After Sharon's comments against Michelle earlier today, he was pretty much at the end of his tether. “Michele's nice!” He insisted. “Plus she's been helping me in history class.... I think I've actually learnt something today!”

Hey good for you Jon.” Mary replied. “How have your tights been?”

Much better.” He replied honestly. “But a bit warm if anything.” He added.

Well it is summer.” Said Mary, stating the obvious. “If they're too warm then take them off.” She said, looking him up and down. “And how can you wear your blazer on a day like this?” She added. Holding her own blazer instead of wearing it.

Er... I can't take my tights off here!”

Well no...” She replied, looking at the surroundings. “...but once were on the lane you can.” She suggested. “At least take your blazer off.”

I suppose.” Said Jon as he passed Mary his bag to hold whilst he removed his blazer. He folded it neatly and hung it over his forearm, before taking his bag back.

Better?” She asked.

Jon nodded, before looking at his blouse, then Mary's and back at his own. “How come you get to wear a plain white blouse and I get these girlie ones?”

Yeah... Mum gave you my pretty ones.” She replied. “I was a bit annoyed at first.” She said. “Still, I'll get them back tomorrow.”

Before long they were walking up the long quiet lane which would eventually lead them home. They approached a bench and Mary sat down. “What are you doing?” Asked Jon.

Mary patted the seat next to her. “Come on, sit here so you can take your tights off. You'll feel much cooler.”

Jon looked up and down the lane before lifting his skirt up and pulling his tights off his waist and bum. He sat on the bench, pulled his tights down to his ankles, kicked off his shoes and removed them completely. He slipped his feet back into the little black ballet pumps and placed his tights in his bag.

He looked down at his legs; bare and hairless, emerging from his short pleated skirt. The breeze was cool against his skin. “Phew!” He exclaimed as he felt the cooling sensation.

Told you.” Said Mary, as she picked up her bag and they continued the long walk home.

As usual, Jon couldn't help but continually glance down at his legs and feet. He noticed the new feeling as his skirt swung back and forth and side to side, brushing against the his smooth legs as he walked.

Mary noticed him repeatedly glancing at his legs and feet. “You like those shoes don't you?”

Er...” He stammered. “At least they're comfortable I guess.”

Yeah but you 'do' like them don't you.” She insisted. “I mean, you didn't have to put them back on last night when you took your tights off.”

They're OK.” He replied. “Much lighter than my own shoes” He added before glancing down at them once more. “They're like slippers.”

Mum might buy you a pair if you ask.” She suggested.

Why would I want some of my own?” He asked. “I mean, I only have tomorrow, then I get my own uniform back.”

Just a thought.” She replied.

Their Mother watched them both as they walked up the lane towards the house. She smiled to herself as she thought how pretty Jon looked in his skirt and blouse. They both waved when they noticed her watching them. As they entered the house she said, “I'm going to miss seeing you in a skirt after tomorrow.”

Me too.” Said Mary.

I can't wait for tomorrow.” Was Jon's response. “The sooner I'm out of this skirt the better.”

Well not until your homework is finished.” His mother reminded.

They both sat at the kitchen table and began their homework. A few minutes later their mother entered and began preparing supper. “Was it too hot for your tights today?” She asked.

Jon nodded.

I don't know how you can wear tights when it's this warm.” Said Mary.

Well at least they cover me up a bit.” Jon replied.

Yeah but you looked like you were going to faint on the way home...” Mary added. “...and with your blazer on too!”

Well it's going to be just as warm tomorrow.” Their mother added. “Maybe socks will be better?” She suggested as she stroked his shoulder through his blouse.

Yeah but if I only wear knee socks then they might see my knickers.” Jon replied. “Then I'd have to kill myself.” He over exaggerated.

My knickers!” Mary reminded, teasingly. “But you can keep them I guess.” She smiled.

Oh thanks!” Jon replied sarcastically.

You're welcome.” She smiled.

After a while, Jon began to pack his books away. “Can I change now please Mum?” He asked.

You can't have finished already!”

Yes.” He replied proudly.

His Mother checked his work and discovered that he had in fact finished. “Are you sure you want to change into your jeans though? It is very warm still.”

All the windows were open and a cool breeze blew through the house. Jon welcomed the breeze as it caressed his legs. However he was desperate to get out of his school uniform. “Anything is better than this.” He replied, before going to change.

A few moments later he returned with his jeans and a t-shirt on. He instantly missed the cool breeze that swept over his legs, but at least he was back in boys clothes.

Shortly afterwards, Mary finished her homework and went to change out of her school clothes. Their mother served supper and as usual, Jon and Mary did the dishes afterwards. They were putting the last few pots away when their mother entered and placed some clothes on the table. “Where's your school bag at Jon?” She asked.

It's in the hallway, why?” He replied.

Because you need to pack your PE kit for tomorrow.”

His attention was drawn towards the clothes on the table. He could see the pleated burgundy gym slip was present, as was a pair of big black gym knickers, a skinny fit polo shirt in the school livery and the long burgundy socks. His mother showed him how to fasten the gym slip because it was different to his school skirt. It was a lot shorter too, he noticed. “I'm not looking forward to wearing this!” He said as he packed it neatly in his bag.

Mary and her Mother shared a smile as he packed his kit. They were obviously enjoying seeing the only male of the house spending a few days wearing female clothes.

The following morning, Jon was once again woken by his mother. She flooded the room with daylight before removing some clean underwear from his drawer. “It's going to be a scorcher today.” She said, removing a pair of socks for him.

But everybody will see I've shaved my legs.” He said as he sat on the edge of his bed, wearing the t-shirt and knickers he'd slept in.

Well everybody will see them in PE so I don't think it really matters.” She replied.

He remembered how clammy his legs were the day before so decided Mum was right. He pulled on the clean knickers, followed by the vest she'd selected for him. It was different to the other vests he'd worn as it had much thinner straps, which were adjustable and was cut straight across the back instead of being the more traditional vest shape. He pulled on his blouse, followed by his skirt and finally he slipped his hairless legs into the white knee socks.

Very sweet.” Said his Mum as he entered the kitchen. “Is the camisole OK?” She asked. “Did the straps need adjusting?”

Jon looked puzzled when his mum said 'camisole' as he was unaware of the term. It was only when she mentioned the straps that he realised she meant his vest. “Er... it's OK thanks.” He shyly replied.

Mary said he looked nice. Jon didn't believe her. He knew he must have looked all the more girlie wearing white knee socks with his little black shoes, instead of the opaque tights he'd worn the previous day. They both picked up their bags and headed out of the door.

Have a good day.” Their mother said as they left. She smiled as she watched them walk down the lane together. She liked seeing them wearing matching school uniforms, but knowing today was the last day of her son's punishment, she resigned herself to the fact that this would be the last time she'd watch 'her girls' leave for school.

I bet you feel loads better with socks on today.” Said Mary as they walked towards their school.

They are cooler than tights.” He admitted. “I just feel weird, that's all... you know, after shaving them.”

They look better though.” She replied. “You look quite cute actually!” She grinned. 

Jon didn't like being called cute, or sweet, or pretty for that matter. But these are terms both his mother and sister have used to describe either him or his clothes in recent days. He knew they meant well, but he still didn't like being called 'cute'.

Not surprisingly, Jon got teased for his socks and hairless legs as he and Mary entered the gates. The same happened when he entered his form room, however the teacher promptly reminded them of Lorraine's punishment the previous day, so they all quietened down. Lorraine was back in her usual uniform, and Jon wondered why she'd only got one day and he got almost a full week!

The first lesson was again History. Mr. Bronson had to look twice when he noticed Jon's white knee socks and his hairless legs emerging from his pleated skirt. Jon sat with Michelle at the back of the class. They handed their homework in from the previous evening, which Mr. Bronson marked as the class watched a DVD about the industrial revolution. When the lesson was over, he asked Jon to stay behind.

Jon stood nervously by his desk as Mr Bronson perused Jon's homework for a second time. “This is very good Jonathan.” He said, “Are you sure it's all your own work?”

Yes Sir.” Jon replied.

Hmm... You see...” Mr. Bronson negatively explained. “...normally you struggle to get a C, but this is worthy of a B, possibly an A!”

A look of surprise swept Jon's face. Mr Bronson was correct, Jon rarely got a C, more often a D in history. “Er...” he stammered, “Michelle Greene has helped me a lot this week Sir.”

But this is all your own work?” He stressed, before quizzing Jon on some of the finer points of his essay. Mr. Bronson was soon happy that the essay before him was in fact Jon's own work. “Well you do seem to have leant something this week.” He said, before looking him up and down again. “Er... lets hope this continues when you're back in pants eh?” He said in all seriousness, yet half heartedly too.

Yes Sir... Thank you Sir.” John replied shyly.

Well, I'll give you a B for the essay and if the standard remains this high young man you'll be getting plenty of A's in future.”

Jon smiled, pleased that he'd actually achieved something positive. He left the classroom and went directly to the yard as it was break time. Michelle was lurking by the bins. “What did Bronson want?” She asked when Jon approached her.

He was just questioning my homework, I got a B!” He replied proudly.

Good for you.” She replied. “See... you can do well when you're not fooling around and teasing people all the time.”

Jon knew she was right. He was always too busy trying to fit in with the other kids instead of trying to do well in class, and now it's nigh on impossible for him to fit in with the other kids!

What lesson do you have next?” She asked.

PE.” Jon replied with dread in his voice. “You?” He asked.

The same, but I don't do it.” She replied.

How come?”


What do you do instead?”

Just go to the library to do homework or just read.”

I wish I could do that.” He said mournfully. “I've got my sister's PE kit in my bag.” He reluctantly admitted.

Oh well.” Michelle replied, “You've got wear something I suppose.” She added. Nothing seemed to phase her.

The bell rang and Jon hesitantly walked to the Gymnasium. He hung around as the girls filtered into the girls changing rooms and the boys filtered in to theirs. Miss Hurd, the games teacher noticed Jon sheepishly loitering in the corridor and approached him. Jon was just about to ask her where he should get changed, as neither changing room seemed appropriate, but Miss Hurd got in first. “Ah Jonathan.” She said, looking him up and down, “Do you have a games kit?” She asked.

Yes Miss.” He reluctantly replied.

Well, you can change in my office.” She smiled, opening her office door for him. “I assume it's not the boys kit?” She quietly asked as they stepped inside, not wanting to embarrass him.

He shook his head.

Well in that case we'll not parade you on the playing fields today. You can play dodgeball in the gym instead of athletics or cricket if you prefer?” She kindly suggested. This was a huge relief to Jon as almost every classroom in the main building looked out onto the playing fields. Hiding away in the gym sounded almost perfect to him... almost!

Thanks Miss.” He replied. She left him alone to change. The big black gym knickers felt massive in comparison to the tiny white knickers he'd worn all week. As he fastened the gym slip around his waist he was horrified at how much shorter it was than his school skirt. The long socks went up to his mid thigh when pulled all the way up, but he folded them down to below the knee as the other girls tended to do. He neatly folded his uniform up and placed it alongside his school bag. He slipped his feet into his pumps and reluctantly entered the gymnasium.

Quiet girls!” Hushed Miss Hurd as a wave of giggles erupted when Jon entered. “Come in Jon.” She smiled. “Don't be shy.” She advised.

The teams were picked and the game started. Jon failed to pick up a ball in the first round and was soon out. The same thing happened in the second round. “Good shot Laura!” Shouted Miss Hurd, coaching both teams as the game progressed. Again in the third round Jon failed to pick up a ball. “Come on Jon!” Miss Hurd shouted. “I know you can run faster than that.”

Jon was soon out of play and Miss Hurd walked over to him, smiled and quietly said. “Everybody can see your knickers when you run Jon, so just get used to it.” Jon blushed when she mentioned his knickers. “Just remember that nobody is looking... they honestly are more interested in playing the game.” She smiled reassuringly.

Jon watched the game in play and realised she was right. Each time one of the girls sprinted, jumped or dodged, their knickers were briefly on show. But being black and big it wasn't like seeing their panties. Far from it in fact.

When the fourth round began, Jon sprinted as fast as he could and easily got a ball first. He quickly threw it towards the first opponent and got her out. “That's better Jon!” The teacher shouted. This round Jon did far better and actually began to enjoy himself. Before long his competitive streak superseded his embarrassment and he fully enjoyed the session.

Did you enjoy that?” Asked Miss Hurd as she unlocked her office to allow Jon to change back into his uniform. Jon said he did and thanked her. He kept his gym knickers on instead of is little white ones. He was also glad to get back into his school skirt, as the few extra inches in length made all the difference. Once he was back in uniform, he neatly folded his games kit and placed it back into his bag.

The dinner bell rang and Jon looked for an unoccupied bench to sit at whilst he ate his packed lunch. He noticed Michelle Greene was sat alone, out of the way of the other kids so decided to join her. “How was PE?” She asked.

OK.” He replied. “We played dodgeball in the gym.”

Did you have to dodge any spanners?” She replied, referencing that scene in the film.

Fortunately not!” Jon replied cheerily.

Jon kept his knees tightly squeezed together as they ate lunch. “Have you shaved your legs?” Michelle asked, looking at his hairless and skirted lap.

Er... yeah.” Jon replied shyly. “My tights were too itchy.”

I bet they were!” She replied knowingly. “And too hot?”

Jon nodded. “That's why I'm wearing socks today.” He admitted.

I thought you looked a bit hot yesterday.” She added.

Jon nodded. “I took them off halfway home.” He confessed. “I was so nice feeling the breeze against them!”

Michelle smiled and took a bite of her sandwich. Jon blushed and did the same.

Towards the end of lunch, they both walked back towards the main building. They passed a group of girls from their year, one of which said, “Hey look, Smelly Shelly's got a new girlfriend!” The rest of the group giggled as they passed.

Another girl asked, “Hey Jon, what's it like being a dyke?”

Jon felt himself getting red and angry simultaneously. “Bitches!” He spat as he and Michelle got out of earshot.

Just ignore them.” Michelle said.

How can you ignore that? I should have punched her!”

And then what would happen?” She asked, stopping him and looking him in the eye, before looking down at his uniform. “Another week dressed as a girl?” She said as her gaze returned to his face. She knew she was right.

Jon sighed and looked down at himself. “I suppose.” He reluctantly admitted.

They parted company when the end of lunch bell rang and went off to their respective classes. Jon had design and technology and Michelle had needlework. Part of him wished he could share all his classes with Michelle as she was now the only one of his classmates who didn't seem to judge him, avoid him, or tease him. “Still...” He said to himself. “A few more hours and I'll be out of this for good!”

That afternoon he got teased about his gym slip by a couple of girls who he'd played dodgeball with. However a few other girls from his team came to his defence, saying that he'd played well. One added, “Anyway we were all in gym slips so what does it matter? Plus... our team did win after all!” She triumphantly reminded them.

Jon smiled. He didn't like being teased but did feel a warm glow inside when the other girls defended him. It was nice to have some allies.

When the last bell rang it sounded like an anthem to Jon. Finally his last day of having to dress as a school girl had ended. “Mrs. Beadle would like to see you Jon.” Said the teacher before he had chance to leave.

He headed to her office. “How have your classes been today Jon?” She asked as he entered.

OK Miss.” He replied.

Well, yet again I've heard nothing but good reports about your behaviour.” She said. Jon smiled. “Now...” She said in her stern voice, “...I don't want you going back to your old ways on Monday when you have your pants back on!” She paused. “Do you understand?”

Yes Miss.” He replied.

Well I certainly hope so.” She replied. “As you know I'm now more than happy to hand out new uniforms as punishment for gross misbehaviour...”

Jon hung his head as she spoke. “Yes Miss.” He muttered.

...so don't think for one moment that you're somehow exempt.”

No Miss.” He murmured.

Good.” She said, standing up and opening the office door for him. “I'll see you on Monday young man.” She smiled.

Thanks Miss. Bye Miss.” He replied as he left.

She smiled to herself as she watched him run down the empty corridor in his little shoes, knee socks and grey pleated skirt.

He walked across the playing field towards the gate where his sister Mary was waiting for him. He received a few taunts as they headed home together, but he ignored them. Mary told him that one of the boys in her year had spent the day in the girls uniform because he'd sworn at his teacher.

How come they only get one day and I got all week?” He protested.

I dunno.” Mary replied, before adding cheekily. “Maybe because you suit it better?”

I doubt it.” He said, looking down at himself.

As they turned into the lane, Mary asked if Jon had much homework to do. “Loads.” He replied. “It'll take me all weekend to finish it.” He surmised.

Mary smiled at this, before saying, “I was looking out for you on the playing fields when you had PE...” She said. “But I didn't see you.”

He told her about Miss Hurd letting him change in her office, and about the dodgeball game he'd played in the gym with the other girls. He described how he got a few of the girls out and was genuinely chuffed that his team had won overall.

Sounds like you enjoyed it.” She said. Happy that it hadn't been the ordeal he expected.

Yeah it was fun.” He replied.

Eventually they entered their house. “Hi kids.” Said their mother as the trundled into the kitchen. “How was school?” She asked.

Fine.” They replied in unison as they hung up their blazers.

Can I get changed please Mum.” Jon asked hopefully.

Not until you've finished your homework.” She insisted.

Hey Mum!” Said Mary, “Jon said he's got sooo much homework it'll take him all weekend to finish it!” She looked at Jon as he sat bashfully in his pretty little blouse. “Does that mean he has to wear his uniform all weekend too!” She hoped.

No!” Jon retorted.

Surely you can't have that much homework Jon?” His mother quizzed.

Well there is quite a lot.” He replied reluctantly as he unpacked his books.

Well lets see how you get on with it tonight shall we?” She smiled as she picked up his bag to launder his games kit. “I must say it is nice when you fold your kit up neatly instead of stuffing it in as usual.” She observed as she removed his neatly folded games kit. When she noticed his white knickers she told him she'd need to launder his gym knickers.

I've still got them on.” He replied.

Well go and change into some clean ones.” She replied.

Knowing he'd worn all three pairs of knickers his mother had given him on Tuesday evening he replied. “But I've none left, only my er... boys pants.”

No there's clean knickers in your drawer.” She replied matter of factly. “I've already done one load today.”

Jon did as asked and went to his room. He opened his drawer and removed one of the two pairs of knickers which lay beside his normal pants. He wondered why his mother had put Mary's knickers back in his drawer seeing as his punishment ended today. On his return he gave his mother his gym knickers and asked. “Why did you put those knickers back in my drawer? My punishment ends today doesn't it?.”

Well I'm sure Mary doesn't want them back...” She smiled, glancing at Mary who silently said 'no I don't want them back', before smiling back at her. “...and they'll be a good reminder of what may happen when you misbehave....” She smiled.

Jon sulked into his chair and began his homework until supper was served.

Jon got straight back to his homework as soon as he and Mary had finished doing the dishes. He didn't watch any TV that night and worked at his studies right up until bed time. As you've probably guessed, he also remained in his uniform until bedtime too.

For once he wasn't woken by his Mother opening his curtains at 7am. He woke to his radio alarm clock at eight, and stole another 15 minutes before getting dressed. He opened his drawer and snatched a pair of his own pants, but couldn't help but notice the knickers and lacy vests which were also present. He noticed his legs were ever so slightly bristly when he pulled on his jeans.

Hi love.” Said his mother as he entered the kitchen. “Sleep well?”

Yes thanks.” He replied as he made himself some breakfast. He then watched a bit of TV before sitting back at the kitchen table to continue his homework.

Hey Mum!” Mary teased when she entered the kitchen. “Don't you think Jon should wear his uniform whilst he does his homework?”

Oh thanks Mary!” He retorted.

Their mother smiled as she looked at him, working away in his jeans and t-shirt for a change. She did visualise him dressed in his little blouse and short pleated skirt, but decided to leave him be. “Well as long as he's working.” She said.

Jon had finished all of his homework by lunchtime. At his usual rate he would have spent all weekend doing it, or not doing as the truth maybe. As he lay in bed on Sunday evening, he looked forward to going to school in his own uniform. Everything will be back to normal, he hoped.

He expected his mother to wake him as she had the previous week, but he got himself up and chose his own underwear for once. He did almost shudder when he saw the knickers though.

He buttoned himself into his own shirt, tied his boys tie instead of that thing the girls wear. Wore his trousers and his socks and his shoes. Life is good! He thought as he bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Do you have to make so much noise?” His Mum asked as he entered.

Sorry!” He replied. “I'd forgotten how heavy my shoes were!”

They had breakfast and before long, Jon and Mary set off for school. “Bye Mum!” They both shouted as they headed out of the door. As usual, they were watched by their mother as they walked down the lane together. She smiled as she visualised Jon on the previous Friday, dressed like his sister in his knee socks and skirt. She missed watching 'her girls' head off for school already.


  1. great story! and i hope there are more chapters . thnaks