A Suitable Punishment - part III

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After spending most of the previous week dressed as a school girl,
Jon is finally allowed his own uniform back. He and his sister Mary head for school.

As they neared the school gates, Jon expected the jeers and taunts he'd received the previous week. Fortunately nobody batted an eyelid when he and his sister entered. However when Jon entered his form room a few of the kids taunted him. “Did you remember your gym-slip? You've got P.E this afternoon!” one laughed. “Did you shave your legs this morning?” asked another.

Jon ignored them, not wanting to get into trouble. The form teacher entered and scanned the classroom. On noticing Jon in his normal uniform she said. “Welcome back Jonathan... I trust you'll continue last week's good behaviour now you've got your trousers back?”

Yes Miss.” Jon replied.

Well let's hope so.” she added, knowing full well what he could be like.

The teacher in Jon's first lesson said pretty much the same thing, but added, “Although knowing you, you'll be back in your skirt before long.”

Jon impudently replied, “It's not my skirt Sir... it's my sister's!”

The teacher checked his watch before replying. “Hmm....” he frowned. “... it's not even 9.30 and your back-chat has started already....” some of the children giggled. “...maybe you'll be back in your skirt sooner than I thought.” he added, raising more giggles from the class.