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Petticoating for Schoolboys Booklet
Look inside...

Taken from the story A Short Protest


From the story Jenny's Room

From the story Mother's Day

This pamphlet features in several of my stories.

Boy's should know better than to tease girls... but it's nice that they don't.

A subtle teaser for an upcoming story.

From the Ashford Academy stories

Taken from the story Double Trouble

From The Phone Call

It was the last thing I expected to see in the boy's section of
Mum's new mail order catalogue... I burst out laughing and
showed it to mum. "What kind of boy would wear that?" I spat.
"Nice boys I expect." my mother replied. I wish I hadn't drawn
her attention to it because mum thought it looked 'lovely' and
promptly ordered me one, along with some nice shoes & tights.

Image adapted from an original by Jamie Vesta.
From the story Growing up is hard to do

From the story Caught Red Handed

Image taken from Eve's Rib.
Scenario set in the Genderquake world.

From the story A Trip to Granny's

Jon and his sister Mary walk to school in their matching uniforms.
She tells him that his skirt looks much better now he's shaved his legs.
Taken from the story A Suitable Punishment

From the story 'My sister's birthday'

Clip from the 1995 Polish film 'Nic Smiesznego' (Eng= Nothing Funny)
The youngest of two boys spends a day as the daughter his mother never had

Sometimes, it's better to just do as you're told from the outset.

Taken from the story 'House Rules'

from the short story Ready for Bed

Not a forced fem caption... but should any of the male chambermaids
try to resign, I expect they'll be treated exactly the same as the girls.

A vintage advert promoting petticoating
Taken from Woman & Home Magazine, March 1976

From the forthcoming story Educating Rita.

As the saying goes... it's amazing how obedient they are when all other options are gone.

A vintage advert promoting petticoating as a
disciplinary aid for boys. Taken from
Good Housekeeping Magazine, September 1975

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  1. I like Peter in his shortalls. He would also look terribly cute if he wore Mary Jane sandals and girls white pelerine socks.

    1. He would... but he wears those the rest or the time :)

  2. I'm sure the Tokyo Correctional academy is a very evvective institution.Not only will the boys behaviour nd attitude improve, they might decidethey don't want to eave..)

  3. I do like the idea of the boy who has to wear his sisters skirt to the Ashford academy. I am sure that quite a few mothers would send their sons to this establishment in neat skirts instead of bothering with culottes.

    1. well the good news is there's a story on the way (but don't hold your breath)... he's only got one year to go and being from a poor family, with plenty of hand-me-down school clothes and the regulation culottes costing £30 a pair.. sending him in his sister's old skirts is the only affordable option :)

  4. I like the boy in his guides uniform. There has to be a story connected with that picture.

    1. Could be... I've a couple of new stories to finish off first... but a short story about our 'boy guide' may well be on the cards... watch this space! :)

  5. I like the picture of the little boy Andrew in his cute dress, I have a feeling this sort of attire will be standard for him so I hope he gets used to it. He will be Alice for a very long time.

    1. Glad you like it, it's one of my favourites. I'd written around 30,000 words to tell that story... then the USB i had it on died and it's all gone, only that image remains. Saying that a lot of it is still in my head and hope to complete it at some point.

  6. Hi PJ. Ashford Academy could insist on all pupils making their own summer dresses in domestic science, with the style being very very 'little girlish', with short puff sleeves, white peter pan collar, fitted back buttoning bodice, and full skirt, over starched cotton petticoats(which they also have to make). Peter could go on a school trip to Europe somewhere, where all the boys and girls stay with local families, and must wear their dresses, even when their hosts find it strange.

    1. funny you suggest "Peter could go on a school trip to Europe somewhere." as I'm currently working on a scenario regarding a student exchange programme between a UK and a European school. :)

  7. I like the new picture of Peter in his baby birthday dress. He should appreciate how practical nappies are.
    I bet he is beautifully humiliated.

    A short story is called for here.

    1. Like most petticoated boys, Peter hates all of his girlie clothes... but after a humiliating day in baby clothes, he appreciates his big girl clothes just that little bit more. Nappies aren't nice, but even Peter knows that knickers are nicer :)

  8. I do like Andrew in his sun dress, maybe his mother will be kind and buy him the blue one as well. His dress actually looks very comfortable for those hot summer days.

  9. Love all your blogs

  10. Love the images you have selected.

  11. Some great new additions, I particularly like the boy in his V neck jumper dress. Very smart. Ideal school uniform for the petticoated boy.

    1. Yes that's one of my favourites too... he certainly seems happy enough.

  12. The interesting thing is that I wonder what would happen in real life if all boys wore skirts and dresses to school. I think it would just be seen as normal and not influence boys behaviour one way or another. It would become standard male clothing and not seen as petticoating at all.

    1. I agree. Just look at our (UK) celebrities who push the boundaries... Boy George wouldn't look like Boy George without his make-up. Julian Clary looks completely normal in a smart suit and feminine make up. Eddie Izzard looks equally normal in both male and female attire.

      There's nothing that unusual about a male wearing a kilt. The worshippers at my local mosque look completely normal in their traditional dress. Males from the Pacific islands such as Fiji, Tonga and Samoa wear a sarong as well as any woman. I'm sure in their time, Louis XIV and other 'dandies' looked dapper in their heels, frills, wigs and make-up... and let's not forget that up until relatively recently, boys wore dresses until the age of 'breeching' (around 5-8 years old). It doesn't take long for things to become normal.

  13. Great pictures and captions!