The Rules of Petticoating

Hello readers... I'd like some help in compiling a list of rules for petticoatees.

As a few examples, there's...
  1. Petticoatees must wear what they're told, when they're told. No ifs, no buts.
  2. Petticoatees must sit whenever they use the lavatory.
  3. Bath time for petticoatees should fall between 6pm and 7.30pm every night.
  4. Bedtime should be no later than 8pm for teenagers and 7pm for younger petticoatees.
  5. Bedtime means 'bed' time and a suitable 'night' nappy/daiper must be worn. 
  6. Nappies/daipers may not be removed until permitted by your parent or guardian.
  7. Parents and guardians must be addressed properly and politely. eg. Mummy, Daddy.
  8. Petticoatees must look after their things. Deliberate or accidental damage will not be tolerated.
  9. Disobedience, deviousness, discourtesy, impolite and immoral behaviour will not be tolerated.
  10. ???

I'm not looking for any physical punishments... petticoating shouldn't require any of that.

If you've got any ideas, please post them in the comments and I'll cherry pick my favourites.

Thanks :)

On the Radio

“This week on Weekend Woman's Hour, we talk to Denise and Robert Matthews; a couple who've completely reversed their traditional roles. Denise works full time as an estate agent whilst husband Robert works full time at home doing the laundry and ironing, cleaning, gardening, grocery shopping, cooking, washing up... everything.” presenter Janine Murphey introduced. “Now, Denise... can you talk us through a typical working day?”

“Of course Janine, and hello.” Denise replied. “I get up around six-thirty, seven AM and have a quick shower before breakfast, which Robert has lovingly prepared for me. He straightens the bed and gives the bathroom a once over before laying out my clothes for the day...”

“He chooses your clothes?” Janine quizzed.

“Oh no, not at all.” Denise said. “I tell him what I'll be wearing and he'll lay it out and whilst I’m dressing, he's clearing up the breakfast dishes and preparing my packed lunch...” she goes onto describe him handing her her case and coat, seeing her off, briefly explains her working day which ends at 5pm. “I return home to a cooked dinner and we dine together, and whilst Robert's clearing the table, cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes, I'll either catch up on some paperwork or put my feet up in front of the TV.”

“And Robert... what's your typical day like?” Janine asked.