Podium Girls

I had no intention of publishing another story quite so soon...
but this one just fell out of my fingers after I'd
plagiarised one of Not Too Bright's captions.

quickly written, not proof read, possibly packed with errors and it ends abruptly...
apologies in advance

The Rules of Petticoating

Hello readers... I'd like some help in compiling a list of rules for petticoatees.

As a few examples, there's...
  1. Petticoatees must wear what they're told, when they're told. No ifs, no buts.
  2. Petticoatees must sit whenever they use the lavatory.
  3. Bath time for petticoatees should fall between 6pm and 7.30pm every night.
  4. Bedtime should be no later than 8pm for teenagers and 7pm for younger petticoatees.
  5. Bedtime means 'bed' time and a suitable 'night' nappy/daiper must be worn. 
  6. Nappies/daipers may not be removed until permitted by your parent or guardian.
  7. Parents and guardians must be addressed properly and politely. eg. Mummy, Daddy.
  8. Petticoatees must look after their things. Deliberate or accidental damage will not be tolerated.
  9. Disobedience, deviousness, discourtesy, impolite and immoral behaviour will not be tolerated.
  10. ???

I'm not looking for any physical punishments... petticoating shouldn't require any of that.

If you've got any ideas, please post them in the comments and I'll cherry pick my favourites.

Thanks :)

On the Radio

“This week on Weekend Woman's Hour, we talk to Denise and Robert Matthews; a couple who've completely reversed their traditional roles. Denise works full time as an estate agent whilst husband Robert works full time at home doing the laundry and ironing, cleaning, gardening, grocery shopping, cooking, washing up... everything.” presenter Janine Murphey introduced. “Now, Denise... can you talk us through a typical working day?”

“Of course Janine, and hello.” Denise replied. “I get up around six-thirty, seven AM and have a quick shower before breakfast, which Robert has lovingly prepared for me. He straightens the bed and gives the bathroom a once over before laying out my clothes for the day...”

“He chooses your clothes?” Janine quizzed.

“Oh no, not at all.” Denise said. “I tell him what I'll be wearing and he'll lay it out and whilst I’m dressing, he's clearing up the breakfast dishes and preparing my packed lunch...” she goes onto describe him handing her her case and coat, seeing her off, briefly explains her working day which ends at 5pm. “I return home to a cooked dinner and we dine together, and whilst Robert's clearing the table, cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes, I'll either catch up on some paperwork or put my feet up in front of the TV.”

“And Robert... what's your typical day like?” Janine asked.

Sunday School

We'd moved here a few months ago and I quickly made new friends, both at school and in the neighbourhood. There's a place called Cooper's Quarry which is now a formal garden with paths, benches, flowerbeds, an orchard and a glade. It used to be an adventure playground and according to the group of kids I'd befriended, it was 'totally ace'. They spent many hours playing there, and the more dilapidated it became, the more fun they had... then the council decided it was dangerous and removed all the fun stuff, replacing it with flowerbeds and benches which are only good for OAPs and parents with pushchairs.

A few weeks ago, we were passing through Cooper's Quarry and reminiscing about how much fun they had there, as well as grumbling about how boring it is now. I could only take their word for it since the space was redesigned before we moved to the area. Climbing frames, elevated walkways, rope swings and a 'death' slide sounded loads better than what there is now. Looking back, I'm not sure who started it, but it didn't take long for the rest of us to join in; stomping on the flower beds, uprooting shrubs, breaking branches, booting the bins and benches over and generally destroying or disturbing whatever we could.

The act of vandalism was front page news in the local paper, which stated that one of the gang had been caught at the scene and the others ran off. That one was me, but I didn't grass my mates up. I'd have got my head kicked in if I had, and no one wants to be friends with a grass... so keeping shtum and taking the rap all on my own was, I believed, in my best interests. Being a minor meant they they couldn't print my name in the paper, nor could the authorities fine me for the damage caused, make me do x hours of community service or anything much... the most they could do was make me attend Sunday School which sounded really boring. The judge who heard my case said that I'd have to attend Sunday school for a period no less than 48 weeks and no more than 48 months, and that my attendance period would be closer to 48 weeks if I did the decent thing and gave the authorities the names of my accomplices. I refused and claimed that they were some kids I’d just met and I didn't know their names or where they lived... but they knew I was lying, I knew I was lying, and I knew that they knew I was lying.

The Charboy's Apprentice

This is a follow up story from Studying Servitude: An Article.
...it's probably worth reading that before this.


It's half term and Charles is busy following his daily rota and pottering around the house. His mother is at work. His big sister Emily stayed over at one of her friends and isn't expected back until the afternoon, and eleven year old Samantha is playing on her games console. Charles only had to make one packed lunch whilst he prepared the family breakfast, and the mornings aren't quite so much of a rush since he doesn't have to leave for school this week... but on the downside, no school means he has to wear his corset beneath his housekeeping uniform as well as a full face of make-up.

As usual, he quickly vacuums the landing and runs the hoover around his bedroom, his mother's bedroom and his sister's rooms. In spite of the fact his elder sister's not even been in the house since yesterday, her bedding still needs straightening and she's left her tights tangled up in her underwear again. After a quick tidy round, he pushes the hoover to Samantha's room where he knocks and enters. “Aren't you dressed yet?” he asked, finding her slumped on her bed in her pyjamas and fully focussed on her hand-held console.

“You haven't put anything out for me yet.” she replied with raising her eyes from the screen.

“It's the holidays... I only put your clothes out on a school day.” he reminded her. But knowing that Samantha would spend all day in her pyjamas if she could, he opened her closet and asked if she wanted jeans or leggings. Following her instructions he put out some leggings, some underwear, a pair of socks and a T-shirt for her, before quickly running the vacuum cleaner around. She tutted at the noise, and tutted again when he asked her to move so he could straighten her bedding.

After quickly cleaning the family bathroom and the en-suite in his mother's bedroom, Charles carried the vacuum cleaner downstairs and parked it in the hallway. He grabbed a stiff brush from the cleaning cupboard and proceeded to sweep the stairs from top to bottom. Perched on his knees, he quickly and briskly swept every step, letting the dust fall on to the next one down. Samantha emerged from her room, fully clothed and carrying her console. “So... you got any plans today?” he asked.

“Not really.” she replied. “Apart from this.” she added, raising the games console which these days is seemingly glued to her hand.

“You could give me a hand if you fancy.” Charles suggested

“Nah.” she bluntly replied. “Housework's for boys.” she said as she went on her way.

PJs Caption Corner

Dominated, petticoated, domesticated, prettified, chastised, feminised, hypnotised, shaved, groomed, blackmailed, bribed, coerced or worse... there's lots of reasons why and there's over three hundred of my captions available on the Caption Corner blog.

Many of my old captions are still knocking around on Pinterest, but I missed having my own board where I could keep them all in one place. My 'pictures' page has gotten way too big so I've made a new blog for my captions. I've removed most duplicates from my Pictures page, which means if you can't find an old favourite caption, you'll find it in the caption corner. 

I'm trying to recreate all my old pin-boards as best I can, boards such as Domestic Menswear, Educational Attire and Boy's Bedrooms... which are now labels on certain captions. If you're looking for male maids or school uniforms, boys attending a ballet class or a peek inside their bedroom, just follow the labels. They're accessible from the pop-out menu on the sidebar and are listed on the About PJ's Caption Corner page.

I'll miss getting a constant feed of captions from all the pin-boards I followed, but I'll just have to get used to that. I will continue adding my old captions over the next few days/weeks, then I'll be posting plenty of new captions over at the caption corner, as well as posting new stories here.

Enjoy... and feel free to 'pin'  :)

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My pictures page is getting too big and my Pinterest pages have gone... so here's a new caption:

A Newspaper Cutting