PJs Caption Corner

Dominated, domesticated, prettified, chastised, feminised, hypnotised, shaved, groomed, blackmailed, bribed, coerced or worse... there's lots of reasons why and there's over a hundred captions available on my new Caption Corner blog.

Many of my old captions are still knocking around on Pinterest, but I missed having my own board where I could keep them all in one place. My 'pictures' page has gotten way too big so I've made a new blog for my captions. I've removed most duplicates from my Pictures page, which means if you can't find an old favourite caption, you'll find it in the caption corner. 

I'm trying to recreate all my old pin-boards as best I can, boards such as Domestic Menswear, Educational Attire and Boy's Bedrooms... which are now labels on certain captions. If you're looking for male maids or school uniforms, boys attending a ballet class or a peek inside their bedroom, just follow the labels. They're accessible from the pop-out menu on the sidebar and are listed on the About PJ's Caption Corner page.

I'll miss getting a constant feed of captions from all the pin-boards I followed, but I'll just have to get used to that. I will continue adding my old captions over the next few days/weeks, then I'll be posting plenty of new captions over at the caption corner, as well as posting new stories here.

Enjoy... and feel free to 'pin'  :)


  1. Hello PJ,

    Your Caption Corner is really cool! Do you ever read TG or TV stuff on other web sites? JN.

    1. Glad you like it. I used to read a lot on Literotica, Big Closet and Crystal's Story site, and I'll occasionally flick through Petticoated.com. I'm sure there's lots I've not heard of, any recommendations?

  2. I love your caption corner I mean really love it I have missed your captions and at last no more Pinterest

  3. PJ really enjoyable new forum-entertaining captions as well.