Super Nanny

That was only three days into the two week filming schedule. Day one was normal... ish. Super Nanny simply observed Mum and I throughout the day, and at the end of the day she proposed what changes needed to be made. On day two I was informed that I'd be petticoated, both day and night. I was introduced to my new wardrobe, new underwear and worst of all, my new nightwear! On day three, Super Nanny made me responsible for undertaking many of the household chores, giving Mum much more free time than she'd ever had before. 

To begin with, my biggest fear was the thought of the programme being aired on television when everyone I know would bear witness to the petticoating regime I'd been subjected to... but most of them bore witness to my petticoated state long before they'd finished filming the show. As mentioned, I was petticoated both day and night, but also both inside and outside the house. I collected groceries and ran errands wearing one of my domestic dresses with a white pinafore apron. We went to the park and the shopping mall, visited friends and relatives wearing one of my prissy sissy dresses, and no secret was made of the fact that as a petticoated boy, I now have to wear a nappy for bed.

When the programme did finally go on air, the series was called Super Nanny: The Petticoat Files, and each episode featured a different family living under the guidance of Super Nanny for two whole weeks. The boys of each family were petticoated just like I was, and some of them even had to wear nappies throughout the day too! From the first episode, Super Nanny was the talk of the school yard. Everyone knew that I'd participated and all of them eagerly awaited 'my' episode.

They'd edited out all the arguments and fights and made it look as if I was almost willing to petticoated. They showed me trotting to my room, grabbing one of my nappies and taking it to 'super' nanny so she could get me ready for bed, but removed all the build up and backchat. At the end of 'my' episode was a catch-up segment which showed Super Nanny's return a few months after filming, and a few weeks before the show's air date. Mum proudly stated on camera that she'd adopted some, but not all of Super Nanny's ideas... "Peter doesn't need to be petticoated all of the time..." she said, "...but he does wear his domestic dresses whilst doing the housework." The camera cut to a shot of me dusting the mantle piece wearing my domestic dress and apron. "And of course on Sunday he wears one of his Sunday dresses." she said as a clip of me wearing one of my prissy dresses is shown. "But the rest of the time he's just a normal boy... aren't you." Mum added as the camera panned out to show me sat on the sofa next to her, thankfully dressed in my male clothing. Super Nanny asks a question I'd been dreading, and Mum replies, "Of course... knickers by day, nappies by night.... don't you dear?" she adds, turning to me. I slowly nodded. "And he doesn't have to wear his bra for school so long as he wears it the rest of the time." Mum added.

The camera zoomed right in on me as Super Nanny asked me how I felt about being petticoated, and reluctantly I replied "It's not so bad once you're used to it." She then asked me if I had any favourite dresses. At first I simply shook my head, but eventually admitted to preferring my relatively plain domestic dresses to my prissy Sunday dresses. 

None of the kids at school believed me when I insisted I was told to say 'it's not bad once you get used to it' and that they'd edited out everything negative that I'd said about being petticoated. Almost all of the fights I'd put up had been edited out of the programme too, but no one wanted to listen to my side of the story. As far as they or anyone else was aware, I'd been more or less willing from the outset, but it really wasn't like that.

The daily taunts and teases soon ceased at school. I can got for three or four days without someone reminding me of my participation in the Super Nanny show, but never more than a week. One of my classmates shouted out "Have you got your bra on today Pete?", causing the class to burst out laughing.

"No!" I spat. The teacher quietened the class, told my classmate to pipe down or he'd end up in detention, before telling me not to tell lies. "Sorry sir." I said, hanging my head in shame. "Ow!" I yelped as the girl behind grabbed and snapped my bra strap. The teacher told her off too but it was no consolation. Everybody knows that I wear girl's underwear beneath boy's clothes, and that I have to wear a nappy at night time. I try to justify this by telling them that if I don't, I'd have to wear girl's clothes all of the time and I really don't want to do that... it's bad enough having to wear the underwear everyday and the occasional Sunday dress.

My next big fear is the forthcoming DVD release of the latest Super Nanny series, which has over six hours of deleted scenes. I dread to think what that might include but maybe, just maybe, they'll include the fights and arguments; proof that I wasn't as willing as the TV show claimed.


  1. Most enjoyable, I can imagine the humiliation of the petticoated lad as he is seen by his friends on TV.