A Suitable Punishment - part III

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After spending most of the previous week dressed as a school girl,
Jon is finally allowed his own uniform back. He and his sister Mary head for school.

As they neared the school gates, Jon expected the jeers and taunts he'd received the previous week. Fortunately nobody batted an eyelid when he and his sister entered. However when Jon entered his form room a few of the kids taunted him. “Did you remember your gym-slip? You've got P.E this afternoon!” one laughed. “Did you shave your legs this morning?” asked another.

Jon ignored them, not wanting to get into trouble. The form teacher entered and scanned the classroom. On noticing Jon in his normal uniform she said. “Welcome back Jonathan... I trust you'll continue last week's good behaviour now you've got your trousers back?”

Yes Miss.” Jon replied.

Well let's hope so.” she added, knowing full well what he could be like.

The teacher in Jon's first lesson said pretty much the same thing, but added, “Although knowing you, you'll be back in your skirt before long.”

Jon impudently replied, “It's not my skirt Sir... it's my sister's!”

The teacher checked his watch before replying. “Hmm....” he frowned. “... it's not even 9.30 and your back-chat has started already....” some of the children giggled. “...maybe you'll be back in your skirt sooner than I thought.” he added, raising more giggles from the class.

Jon figured it best not to give the teacher any more of his usual back-chat and sank into his chair. “Just keep your head down.” he told himself.

A bell rang an hour later, signalling morning break. Jon went to the yard to see if Michelle was lurking by the bins. “Hi Michelle.” he said as he approached her.

Hi Jon.” she replied, looking him up and down. “You look weird dressed as a boy.” she grinned.

Jon looked down at himself. “I am a boy!”

I know.” Michelle smiled. “I wasn't sure if you'd still speak to me now you're not one of the 'freaks'.”

Of course I will.” Michael said defensively, “Why would you think that?”

Well you never used to speak to me before...” she glanced down it his trousers.

I did!” Jon insisted.

I meant nicely!” Michelle retorted as Jon's head dropped.

Sorry.” he muttered, realising she was right. He looked at her through the mass of ginger curls which obscured most of her face.

Michelle smiled at him as he stood sheepishly in front of her. “That's OK.” she replied. “I'm glad you're back in your own uniform again... but I think you looked better in your skirt.” She smiled.

It wasn't my skirt, it was my sister's.” Jon replied dryly.

You know what I mean.”

Well fortunately for me that's a thing of the past.” he replied with glee, looking down at his own shoes and his own trousers. “Even if it did look OK I'm never going to wear one again.”

Only if you stay out of trouble.” Michelle reminded.

They chatted about this and that for a while, before a group of passing girls interrupted them.“No wonder she stinks!” shouted one, “...always hanging around the bins!”

She's not 'hanging' around the bins...” insisted another, “She lives there!” she said much to the delight of her friends.

Jon turned towards them and told them to fuck off. Michelle told Jon to ignore them. “If you keep letting them get to you, you'll only end up in Mrs. Beadle's office again...” She advised, “...and you know what that means.” she added wisely.

Jon bowed his head. “Yeah I s'pose.” he agreed.

A few moments later, Jon caught sight of his friends Mark and Stewart. He turned to Michelle and said. “I'll see you in Geography this afternoon?” Michelle nodded and Jon went off to meet up with his friends.

Hi Mark...” said Jon as he approached. “Stu...” he added, acknowledging both of them.

They looked him up and down before Stuart whispered something to Mark. Jon Didn't hear but they both sniggered.

Michelle watched from a distance. She couldn't hear what was said, but could see their hostility. “Just ignore them Jon.” she said to herself as she turned and headed towards her next class.

Come on guys I'm back!” Jon said as they both obviously didn't want him to hang with them. “Pants and all!” he added proudly.

Panties and all... more like.” Mark insisted.

Yeah you freak!” agreed Stuart.

I'm not a freak! Beadle made me dress like that!” Jon insisted, almost pleading. “I had to do it.”

She didn't make you shave your legs though did she?” Mark asked.

No... but...”

But you did didn't you?” Mark pressed.

But that's only because Mum said I'd look silly with hairy legs!” Jon insisted.

Stuart parodied him. “Mummy told me to shave my legs so I'd look nice in my skirt.”

Shut up Stu!” Jon retorted. “It's growing back now.” he insisted. “Look...” he lifted his trouser leg and ran his fingers over his very short and stubbly leg hairs. “...they're well bristly!”

Well you'd better shave them again.” Mark replied. “Fucking freak!”

Jon looked up at their faces and realised his friendship with them was over. His chin shrivelled, his lip quivered, he turned and walked away. The last thing he needed was to be seen crying.

Yeah you go and cry like a girl!” Stuart shouted.

...and don't forget to shave your legs Jon!” Mark laughed, “They're getting bristly!” he added in a girlie voice.

The laughs and taunts grew ever quieter as Jon walked further and further away. All the time he tried his best to heed Michelle's advice and ignore them... but like all good advice, it's easier said than done.

The end of break bell rang and Jon managed to calm himself down before he got to his next class. Fortunately, he didn't share many classes with Mark & Stuart, so avoiding them wouldn't be too hard. Each teacher that morning made a reference to Jon being back in his normal uniform. They also stressed that they hoped his recent good behaviour would continue.

At lunch time, Jon looked for either a vacant bench or preferably, one which his friend Michelle occupied. He spotted her and wondered over. “Hi Michelle.” he said as he approached her.

She turned and said. “Hello... how are you?”

Not bad.” he replied as he sat beside her. “Back in the zoo!” he added half heartedly.

We certainly are!” she smiled. “How were your friends at break?” she asked, knowing that they weren't being overly friendly.

Shite!” he replied.

What did they say?” she asked.

Jon sighed deeply. “Oh nothing... just teasing me about shaving my legs and wearing a skirt... wankers!”

Just ignore them. They're both idiots anyway.” she advised. “I don't know why you hung out with them in the first place.”

I'm beginning to wonder the same thing.” Jon replied in a disappointed tone.

They shared a comfortable silence. Jon looked up at the sky as the sun beat down on him. He looked down at his black trousers, then glanced at Michelle's knees and her skirt. He cast his mind back to his other uniform.

Michelle must have read his thoughts. “Are you not hot in those trousers?” She asked.

Very.” he replied as he lifted the jet black fabric off his lap as much as he could. “My legs are getting well clammy.”

You'd think the boys would be allowed to wear shorts in the summer.”

I hate wearing shorts.” John replied. “Plus, it'd be those horrible school shorts I wore in primary school... I think I'd rather wear my skirt again!” he grinned.

Oh it is your skirt now is it?” she grinned.

Well... no, but you know what I mean.” Jon claimed defensively.

Sorry, I was only teasing” she replied. “You did wear it well... and skirts are much more comfortable in summer.” she added knowingly.

Jon bowed his head, knowing she spoke the truth. “Yeah I suppose.” he admitted, “It was the whispers and taunts and the teasing that wasn't so comfortable.” he added.

Michelle responded with a reassuring smile before looking over his shoulder at some distant object. “Looks like another guy has gotten on the wrong side of Mrs. Beadle...” she added with a nod, making it obvious where Jon should look.

Jon turned his head... in the distance was one of the older boys, a fifth year pupil wearing the same pleated grey skirt as the girls wore, and as he'd worn! His hairy legs were plainly visible between the hem if his short skirt and the tops of his white knee socks.

Jon could see the other pupils laughing and giggling at him as he passed. Jon almost giggled too at the freakish sight, but stopped himself as he knew exactly how humiliating it felt to be a boy dressed as a girl.

I hope I didn't look that bad!” was Jon's response as he watched the oafish boy shamefully cross the school yard.

You suited it... for the umpteenth time!.” replied Michelle, feigning impatience. “...and at least you had the good sense to shave your legs.” she smiled.

Jon smiled to himself. “Yeah I guess Mary was right about that.” he replied. “They're really stubbly now!” he added with a moan, lifting his trouser leg for her to see and running his fingers over his short bristly hairs.

Well can always shave them again.” she replied. “It's only hair.”

Yeah but what about P.E.?” he quizzed, “...or swimming?”

Well all the top swimmers shave their legs.” she replied. “And cyclists too.” she added.

Again Jon pondered the thought. “I guess, but then again I'd only get more grief from the likes of Mark and Stuart.”

Michelle looked at him reassuringly. “Who cares about what those idiots think?” she asked.

Jon cast his mind back to his friend's hostility earlier. “I guess you're right.” he moaned, “I hoped they'd be OK once I had my own uniform on.”

Well they obviously weren't 'real' friends.” she replied.

Yeah I s'pose.” he paused, “Thanks.” he smiled.

What for?” Michelle asked.

For being nice to me... you always say the right thing.”

A few moments later the end of lunch bell rang and Jon and Mary headed to their geography class. They sat together and once again the teacher reminded Jon to be on his best behaviour now he had his pants back, to which Jon said he would be.

The final lesson of the day was P.E. and once again, Jon received a few taunts as to whether he'd brought his gym-slip or not. Miss Hurd asked him if he'd like to play dodgeball again, but Jon refused, instead choosing to partake in the usual games lesson seeing as things were back to normal. However Jon still got teased on the playing field for his (almost) hairless legs which were plainly visible beneath his shorts, and not surprisingly Mark was the main ring leader. Part of him wished he was in the gym playing dodgeball with the girls again!

Once the lesson ended, Jon changed and as usual, met his sister at the school gates. Mary asked how his day had been so Jon first said, “It was OK.”

He then told her about Mark and Stuart's teasing. He also told her about the older boy he and Michelle saw wearing a skirt at lunch time. “...and his hairy legs stood out a mile!” he added.

Yes I saw him.” she replied with a chuckle, “You really can't have hairy legs and wear a skirt!” she said. “It looks ridiculous.”

Jon agreed with a nod and a grunt. He cast his mind back to what Michelle had said at lunch time and added, “Yeah... thanks for that tip Mary.”

You're welcome.” she smiled, “...and you did seem much more comfortable in it after a couple of days.”

I kind of got used to it I guess... ” Jon replied. “I've been roasting all day in these.” he added.

Well you can always borrow another one... if it gets too warm.” she suggested.

Thanks... but no thanks.” he replied. “I don't ever plan on going to school in a skirt again... I'd never live it down.”

I mean at home silly...” she retorted. “...it'll be just as warm there.”

Jon pondered the suggestion, but dismissed it. They walked the rest of the journey in relative silence,

Their Mother asked them how their day had been when they entered the house. She asked Jon if he'd been good and stayed out of mischief, followed by asking him if his friends were glad to see him back in trousers.

Jon told her about Stuart and Mark being horrible, but added that Michelle was OK. He also mentioned about getting teased for his hairless legs during P.E. But his mother told him to ignore them and that his leg hair would grow back in no time.

Have you any homework?” she asked them both.

Yes.” said Mary as she sat at the table and got out her books.

A bit.” said Jon as he dumped his bag on the floor and headed for his room. “I'll do it later.” he added.

You can do it now.” his mother replied as he tried to leave.

Can't I do it after supper?” he asked.

No...” she replied impatiently.

Oh Mu-um!” he moaned.

His mother let out a long audible sigh. “Why do I have to ask you more than once all of a sudden?” she asked. “When you had your skirt on you were as good as gold.”

Jon shrugged, hung his head, sat at the table and got his homework out.

Thank you.” said his Mother. “No sooner you're back in your trousers and you're playing up already.” she added venomously.

The following day saw a repeat of the taunts and teasing led by Mark and Stuart. But Jon managed to ignore them for the most part. He also got teased by some of the girls in his year for hanging around with 'Smelly Shellie', which Jon found harder to ignore, but none the less he tried his best not to let them get to him.

Each evening he sat with Mary and did his homework, before changing into his casual clothes and each time he opened his underwear drawer, three pairs of knickers and three girls vests reminded him to be on his best behaviour.

The rest of the week was OK as far as Jon was concerned, well, apart from Mark and Stuart and their little band of followers who continued to tease him whenever they could get away with it. The majority of his teachers seemed pleased with both his behaviour and his work, although he did get told off for acting the goat a few times.

On Saturday morning Jon awoke and realised he had no clean underwear. He entered the kitchen wearing his pyjamas and said, “Are there any clean undies Mum? There's none in my drawer.”

His mother was loading the washing machine when he asked. “There some knickers isn't there?” she replied.

Yeah but I'm not wearing them again!” he retorted.

Well if that's all you have then you'll have to.” she replied impatiently. “Nobody will know.” she smiled.

I'll know!” he answered as he made his breakfast.

Afterwards Jon returned to his bedroom and got dressed. He reluctantly pulled on a pair of knickers, before quickly stepping into his jeans as if to hide them as quickly as possible. He soon forgot he was wearing his knickers but went bright red when Mary pointed out the lacy waist band which was visible when he crouched down.

Jon mowed the lawn in the back garden as his sister and mother sat on the patio and enjoyed the sun. It was hot and when Jon complained, his mother suggested he should wear shorts instead of jeans. “I don't like shorts.” he replied as he ran his forearm across his perspiring brow.

You can borrow a skirt if you want?” Mary suggested. “...or a dress.”

I'm not going to wear a skirt.” he retorted. “And definitely not a dress.” he added.

Well you'll just have to be too hot then won't you?” his mother replied, before turning her attention back to her book.

The following week was much the same as the previous week. Mark and Stuart still treated him with hostility. Some of the girls teased him for being friends with Michelle and Michelle was the same as ever; level headed and friendly.

However things took a turn for the worse during P.E. on Friday morning. Jon's group was playing cricket and Jon was waiting for his turn to bat, as was Stuart and Mark. Along with a gabble of their followers they cornered Jon by the pavilion. This area was out of sight of their teacher Mr Morris, who was preoccupied umpiring the match.

They started by asking him why he wasn't wearing his gym-slip seeing as he'd shaved his legs. “I haven't shaved my legs!” Jon insisted before lifting his trouser leg to show that his leg hair was definitely growing back, but this only triggered more taunts.

Before long they aimed their venomous taunting towards Michelle, or Smelly Shellie, as they called her. “Leave her alone!” Jon said as they teased the absent girl. “She's not even here to defend herself!”

Yeah, She can't do P.E. because she stinks out the changing rooms.” said one boy.

And she's stinking out the library right now!” said another.

They spend the whole weekend fumigating it!” added Stuart.

Yeah! They have to after that smelly bitch has been in there!” Mark added as he prodded Jon with an outstretched index finger, pushing him backwards but not off his feet.

Jon felt the rage inside him increase. He tried to ignore them and to keep his cool, but they kept on and on at him until Jon's temper finally snapped. His fingers clenched, his arm swung, his fist came into full contact with Mark's face and Mark promptly flew backwards, landing in a heap on the ground.

Arrggh!” Mark screamed as he got up, clutching his bloody nose as tears streamed down his face.

The games teacher was bounding towards them. “What's going on here?” he shouted, before noticing Marks bloodied face. “Who did this?” he asked.

A host of fingers pointed at Jon who stood there dumbstruck. Jon insisted he was provoked but all the others claimed Jon attacked Mark without provocation. Before long Jon found himself in Mrs. Beadle's office. He told her exactly what had happened and the horrible things they said about Michelle. He explained that the more he tried to ignore them the more they kept on at him, “Mr. Morris was umpiring so he didn't see, and the other boys are lying!”

Mrs. Beadle kept her stern face on as Jon explained himself. Once he'd finished, she removed her glasses and said, “Teasing is one thing Jonathan, but hitting another pupil is another... Do you realise that Mark is now in A&E with a broken nose?”

Jon was shocked, he didn't realise he'd hit him that hard. In fact, Jon was still shocked that he'd actually hit Mark in the first place, being much bigger than himself.

After your exceptional behaviour last week I'm very disappointed the you've reverted back to your old ways already...”

Jon hung his head in shame. He knew full well that Mrs. Beadle had a cupboard full of girl's uniforms and was certain he'd end up wearing one of them again.

Now Mark's parents are well within their rights to press assault charges and I'm obliged to inform the police when a serious assault like this has occurred...”

Jon's mind filled with dread. Suddenly the threat of wearing a skirt again seemed like the least of his worries. Not only did he have the likely retaliation from Mark, but the police too!

I'm going to have to ring your mother about this Jonathan and ask her to come in. After fighting with your sister and now this, you may well end up with a suspension!”

Jon's eyes welled up as Mrs. Beadle lifted the telephone handset. After a few minutes she replaced the handset and said. “Well... not surprisingly your Mother is very disappointed with you too. She's on her way here now so we can discuss what to do with you.”

Jon murmured “Yes Miss.” knowing that the outcome was not going to be good.

The longest 20 minutes of his life passed before his mother arrived. Both She and Mrs. Beadle gave Jon some very harsh words before they told him to wait outside whilst they discussed his very limited options.

I'm sorry about this Mrs. Beadle.” said Jon's mother. “He seemed to be getting on so much better since...” she paused.

Mrs. Beadle gave her a reassuring smile. “Well I do believe what Jonathan said Mrs. Fletcher...”

Oh, Pauline, please...” Jon's mother insisted.

Mrs. Beadle smiled. “Well, Pauline... I do believe what Jonathan said... about being provoked. Children can be so cruel to one another sometimes.”

Yes... but physically attacking each other is not how I expect my children to behave...” Pauline replied. “...What with Mary striking Jonathan and then him striking Mark... you must think my parenting skills are severely lacking.” she added shamefully.

Mrs. Beadle gave another smile to reassure her. “Please don't blame yourself Pauline... like I say, children can be so cruel to one another at times. Mary was reacting to Jon teasing her... and today I believe Jon was merely reacting to being teased by a number of other boys... and Jonathan isn't exactly well built like some of them are...” She removed her glasses and placed them squarely in front of her. “Now I'm not excusing his behaviour, or Mary's for that matter, but what we...” she paused, “What I need to do...” she stressed, “... is to remove the teasing and bullying element in order to put a stop to these violent reactions.”

Pauline nodded in agreement, but internally her blood was boiling. Although she had great respect for the deputy head, who practically ran the school since the real head had been absent due to stress for seemingly months, Pauline felt like she was back in school herself. “So what do you think should be done?” She meekly asked.

Well since the incident with Jon and Mary, I've adopted a policy of putting unruly pupils in a humiliating uniform for the day... the boys in skirts and the girls in pinafore dresses...”

Pauline smiled. “Yes, it worked wonders on Jon.” she claimed as she visualised him in his little blouse and school skirt. “He was as good as gold at home too.”

You continued the punishment at home too?” Mrs. Beadle asked, intrigued.

Only until his homework was done.” Pauline smiled, casting her thoughts to the sight of both her children sat at the dining table in their matching uniforms studying away.

Your daughter came up trumps when she suggested petticoat punishment...” she said proudly. “I wish I'd thought of it years ago.” she smiled.

Is that what they call it?” Pauline asked.

Yes, there's plenty of information on the internet.” she replied. “But it's practically unheard of these days.”

I'll have to look it up” Pauline said, before returning the conversation back to her troublesome son.

I think we should keep him out of school for the rest of the day... seeing as the police want a word with him at the station anyway... “ Mrs. Beadle explained,

Pauline nodded, shamed at her sons behaviour.

And I feel he should at least spend Monday wearing the girls uniform again.” she suggested as she stood up and opened a cupboard. “This one should fit him.” she said, holding a clothes hanger upon which hung a pleated grey school skirt and a white blouse. In her other hand she produced a pair of girl's white knee socks.

Pauline had other plans. “That won't be necessary... Jon will have his very own girl's uniform and I insist that he should spend the rest of term wearing it!”

The end of term?” Mrs. Beadle asked. “Isn't that a bit harsh?”

Well it's only what... five or six weeks away?” Pauline replied. “Maybe last week wasn't quite long enough?” she suggested. “And we both know from experience how much his behaviour improved whilst he wore his skirt.”

Mrs. Beadle pondered for a moment. “Well I suppose it can't do any harm... and his education is paramount after all.”

Quite.” Pauline agreed. “After he's seen the police I'm taking him directly to the uniform suppliers where he'll be getting his very own girl's uniform....” She said with a twinkle in her eye, “...to curb any thoughts of victory or bravado he may have after assaulting that poor boy.”

Mark Jenkins is by no means a 'a poor boy'.” Mrs Beadle retorted. “Off the record he's a mindless oath and a bully.” she insisted.

Well maybe so... but Jon isn't much better.” she replied. “I'm sure a little more er... petticoat punishment will do the trick.” she added, emphasising the 'will'.

I'm confident it will.” Mrs. Beadle agreed. “Plus, it's not as if he sticks out like a sore thumb in a skirt...” She added, “...unlike some of the other boys.”

A broad grin swept across Pauline's face. “That's the beauty of it...” She replied. “...little does he realise that he actually looks quite convincing.”

And he did have the good sense to shave his legs.” Mrs. Beadle replied.

That too was Mary's idea.” Pauline replied. “She can be rather persuasive.”

A fountain of wisdom.” Mrs. Beadle replied with a wry smile on her face. “Well...” she said, checking her watch. “...shall we call him back in?”

Both his mother and Mrs. Beadle gave Jonathan a disapproving look as he entered. “Now then Jonathan...” said Mrs Beadle, “...seeing as it's getting close to the end of term and you have your end of year exams coming up... we feel that a suspension at this stage would be too detrimental to your education...”

A look of relief swept Jon's face, which Mrs. Beadle must have noticed as she quickly added, “However this is still a very serous matter, as you very well know, and I have informed the police...”

Jon's heart sank.

...Your mother has the unfortunate task of taking you to the station this afternoon.”

Jon stood petrified, he'd never been hauled in front of the police before and wasn't looking forward to it. “Will I get arrested?” he asked quietly, tears in his eyes.

Well you may be charged with assault... but that depends on Mark, his parents, and the police.” she replied. “However I have explained to the police officer handling this matter that you were both cornered and provoked...” she explained. “Although that is not an excuse for your actions!”

Although Jon felt like the world was crumbling around him, hearing Mrs. Beadle speak in his defence meant a lot. “Yes Miss. Thank you Miss.” he replied.

And it should come as no surprise to you that you will again be required to attend school wearing the girls uniform for striking a fellow pupil!”

Yes Miss.” he replied knowingly.

Mrs. Beadle continued, “Now... your Mother and I have decided that it would be best all round that your punishment continue until the end of term.”

Jon raised his head and looked at them both, hoping they weren't serious. “But... but that's not fair!”

Silence!” said Mrs. Beadle cutting him off. “You are not the judge of what is and what is not fair in this school young man... you will spend the rest of term wearing the girls uniform for two reasons... firstly, your work and your behaviour is far better, as we've already proven last week... and secondly, you will be the shining example of what will happen when my pupils are violent to each other.... Do you understand?”

Jon nodded. “Yes Miss.”

Good.” she said. “Now, your Mother has to take you to the police station, so I'll see you first thing on Monday morning.” she instructed. “I want to see you in my office before registration... Do you understand?”

Jon nodded, tears were welling up in his eyes.

His Mother and Mrs. Beadle said their goodbye's before Jon was marched to his mother's car.

She drove straight to the police station where Jon was given a stern talking to by a Sgt. McGuire. Although a formidable character, the police officer said he wouldn't allow charges to be pressed as the deputy head had spoken in his favour and explained what had really happened. A few harsh words about the straight & narrow later and Jon and his mother were free to leave. However Sgt. McGuire put the fear of God into Jon, and Jon knew it.

His Mother was silent as they walked to the car. So was Jon. Although the front passenger seat was vacant, she made him sit in the back. Jon soon noticed that they were heading towards town rather than heading back to school or home and asked where they were going.

Town.” she replied sharply.

What for?” he ignorantly asked.

A new school uniform...” she replied matter of factly. “You can't keep wearing Mary's so you'll need one of your own.” she added as she pulled into a vacant parking space.

Can I wait in the car?” he asked.

Of course not” she replied. “How can I get the right size if you're in the car?”

Jon pondered for a moment. “I'm the same size as Mary.” he replied, hoping.

Pauline's tether shortened. “You, my boy...” she said sternly, “...are coming with me whether you like it or not because you need skirts, blouses, shoes, underwear and a games kit and I need to make sure they all fit... OK?”

Jon silently complied. An hour later he walked back to the car after being subjected to a middle aged and middle class lady measuring him for his new uniform. He tried on skirts, shoes and blouses right there in the shop. His hands were laden with carrier bags which contained no less than three school skirts, five blouses and two pairs of girl's shoes. He also carried his new PE kit which consisted of a PE skirt, a fitted polo shirt, socks, pumps and three pairs of gym knickers. His mother also bought him more pairs of knickers, vests, socks and tights and much to his disapproval, an Alice band!

On their arrival home, Jon was marched up to his bedroom where his mother removed all of his old socks and underpants from his drawer and told him to put his new socks, tights and his new underwear away. He began to cry as he did so.

There's no point crying Jonathan.” his mother said coldly. “You've brought this on yourself.” she added as she removed his school shirts and trousers from his wardrobe and replaced them with his new skirts, blouses and gym slip. She held the bundle of his old school clothes in her arms as she looked her snivelling son up and down.

In all honesty I'm in a good mind to make you wear your uniform for the entire weekend.” she spat. “If you've no homework to do I can think of plenty of chores...”

Jon ceased his snivelling and pleaded. “Please don't mum... can't I wait 'til Monday?”

Well I don't see why you should get off scot-free for the whole weekend.” his mother replied, glancing at his open wardrobe which contained his three new uniforms on one side, and his own clothes on the other. “In fact...” she said.

What?” John asked mournfully.

His mother said nothing but took him to her own bedroom and opened the wardrobe. She pulled out several of his sisters older dresses and held them against him to see if they'd fit. Jon said he didn't want to wear any of them but his mother said he was not in a position to make choices. She explained that he responds well to petticoating and that's exactly what she intends to maintain... for the time being at least. Jon tried to explain that wearing a skirt was one thing, but wearing dresses was another. His mother said 'nonsense', adding that if he can attend school wearing a skirt he can certain wear a dress at home. “Plus I don't want you getting your new uniform dirty before Monday.”

Jon felt like his world was crashing down around him and there was nothing he could do about it. He looked at the bundle of dresses his mother held as she closed her wardrobe door. She passed the dresses to him and said “Now, I want you put one of these on and hang the rest in your wardrobe... and if you give me one bit of back chat... you'll be wearing them outside the house too!”

Jon knew not to argue and the thought of shopping or visiting relatives wearing a dress was too much to bear. He returned to his room and tried to decide which of the four dresses to wear.

An hour or so later Jon heard the front door open. “Hi Mum...” said Mary's voice, echoing through the large tiled hallway. “I waited for Jon but he wasn't there...” she said as she entered the kitchen. “I heard he'd broke a b...” she halted in her tracks when she saw her brother sat at the kitchen table looking sheepish. Her eyes shifted from his startled face, down to the little white collar and short sleeves of one of her old Sunday dresses. The blue gingham fabric was trimmed with white lace on almost every hem and it's full skirt almost hid the chair he sat upon. His little white ankle socks and finally his new Mary Jane's completed the ultra feminine outfit he wore. She shifted her expression from surprise to an almost blank, yet knowing look. “I guess it's all true then?”

Pauline looked at her children in turn. “I'll tell you the details later Mary.” she said. “But save to say your brother will be subjected to petticoating both in and out of school until the end of term!”

The end of term?!?!” Mary replied. “Did you really break his nose?”

Jon looked at his knees which just peeped our from beneath his sister's frock.

His mother answered for him. “Gory details aside... Yes, and he narrowly avoided a suspension and a criminal record!”

They both worked silently as their mother prepared supper. Mary kept glancing up at Jon every so often. After a while Jon quietly said “What?”

Mary said. “Nothing.”

Why do you keep looking at me like that?”

I'm not looking at you like anything.” she insisted, “I was just looking at you in my dress... you look really pretty.” she added.

Oh lucky me!” he retorted with sarcasm and hostility.

You can drop that tone for a start young man!” their Mother interjected. “Mary is only trying to be nice and you are very lucky that you haven't been suspended from school after breaking that poor boy's nose!”

He deserved it!” Jon replied.

Maybe so... but so do you!” his mother pointed out. “You can't expect to physically attack somebody and get away scot free just because they teased you....” she paused. “Like I said to Mary last week after she attacked you... it's one thing getting angry because of somebody's stupid actions but to cross the line and actually attack somebody is totally unacceptable.”

But all Mary got was having to stay in her room for the evening!” Jon replied. “And I ended up like this!”

If you'd only pay attention to anybody other than yourself Jon you'd have noticed that Mary hasn't been out of the house or had any of her friends around since then...” his Mother stated. “...and Mary will remain grounded for another week.” she added. “And as for the way you've ended up young man!... Grow UP!” she erupted. “Did you find yourself in A&E with a broken nose? Did you arrive at school soaked to the skin? Mrs. Barnes has had to contact me twice in as many weeks because of you and you think you're hard done by!”

Jon realised his mother spoke the truth. His eyes dropped.

And you can consider yourself grounded too!” his Mother added. “Although I doubt you'll be so keen to go out anyway dressed as you are.”

Jon looked down at himself. Mum was right. Aside from school, there's no way he would leave the house dressed like this. “Do I have to dress like a girl all the time?”

Yes.” she replied sternly, before having second thoughts. “It depends!” she added before turning her attention back to the meal she was preparing. “Hopefully we'll see an end to your boyish bravado... if you can prove to me that things are going to change, then I may let you wear you old clothes.”

Isn’t making him dress like a girl at home too a bit harsh mum?” Mary asked cautiously.

Probably... but I'm willing to give the petticoat punishment thing a good try.” Their mother snapped back.

Jon cast his sister a thankful glance. Mary smiled reassuringly at her brother. Both silently agreed it was best to put up and shut up.

After supper both Jon and Mary washed the dishes as usual. Mary quizzed Jon on exactly what had happened at school, so he told her about the group of boys, led by his former best friends teasing him and then teasing Michelle. “Why were they laying into her?” He asked, “She wasn't even there!” He added. “I tried to ignore them but I was cornered and they went on and on at me... eventually I snapped and punched Mark as hard as I could.” He admitted. “And now look at me!”

Mary sympathised with him. “Well Mum's right I guess, it's better than being suspended... plus you look just nice in a dress as you did in my school skirt.” She said as she looked her brother up and down. “...and you can borrow my lady shave again if you like... your legs look a bit stubbly.” She smiled.

Jon looked down at his legs as they emerged from his skirt. Shyly and quietly he smiled and said, “Thanks Mary.”

that was Friday night....

this is Monday morning

The following morning, Jon was woken by his mother as she opened his curtains flooded his bedroom with light. She opened his wardrobe and removed a skirt and blouse for him, saying. “Let's hope this will keep you on the straight and narrow.”

Jon glanced at his uniform with dread, before opening his drawer which now contained only knickers, vests and crop tops. He removed a pair of knickers and a vest. But Pauline insisted he wore one of his new crop tops instead. As Jon pulled on the crop top, he said, “This is like a bra Mum... do I have to wear it?”

Pauline sighed impatiently. “It's not a bra Jonathan, it's a crop top.” She insisted as he stood looking sheepish in his underwear. “Now I can always get you a bra if you want to know the difference, or you can stop arguing.” She threatened as she adjusted the shoulder straps of his 'crop top'.

Jon thought it best not to protest further. He reluctantly pulled on his blouse and his skirt. Pulled on a pair of socks, slipped his feet into his new shoes and finally tied his tie. He entered to kitchen where his mother and sister were sat having breakfast. Mary gave her brother a reassuring smile as he entered. Jon half smiled back. His mother said he looked very smart as he sat down, smoothing his skirt beneath him as he did so. “I look very stupid.” he replied before pouring himself a glass of juice.

No you don't.” his sister stated, “You might feel stupid but you'll get used to it again.”

Jon smiled through pursed lips. “I guess she's right.” he thought, before sinking his teeth into a slice of hot buttered toast.

Once again, Jon found himself walking down the long lane which led to their school wearing a girls uniform. Only this time it wasn't his sister's uniform, it was his very own. As usual, Pauline watched them from the sitting room window. She smiled as they slowly disappeared into the distance. “It's a pity his hair isn't a bit longer.” she said to herself as she watched.

Not surprisingly, Jon received a torrent of taunts as he entered the school gates. Mary reassured him and told him he looked OK (for a boy) before they parted company.

Well you look very smart.” said Mrs. Beadle as Jon entered her office. She then gave him another lecture about his behaviour, and violence, etc... before sending him to registration. Another boy was waiting outside when Jon left her office. Jon didn't recognise him but like Jon, he wore a girls uniform too and looked equally uncomfortable in it. Unlike Jon, the other boy's hairy legs looked ridiculous sticking out beneath his skirt. Jon looked down at his own legs as he walked down the long corridor. “At least I looked normal-ish.” he thought, having shaved them the previous evening. He glanced at his reflection in the window of a darkened room. “...and if my hair was longer I'd look like a proper girl.” he thought as he passed.

As he predicted, he received several comments as he entered his form room, which ceased when his teacher entered. She looked him up and down, shook her head disapprovingly and said, “Back in your skirt again are we?”

Jon reluctantly nodded, but declined to verbally reply.

...and it's till the end of term this time isn't it?” she asked as a chorus of gasps swept the room.

Jon offered the slightest of nods as he looked at his thumbs, nervously wrestling each other as he accepted his fate.

After his English class, he reluctantly sought Michelle. She gave him a disapproving look as he approached, which quickly morphed into a smile as he got closer. A look of shame and embarrassment hung on his face.

Hi.” Jon said meekly.

What happened?” Michelle asked.

Jon paused before replying. “I got into a fight.” he reluctantly told her.

Oh no.” Michelle replied. “Who with?”


Oh no...” she responded, again.

I broke his nose.”


Jon nodded. He shifted nervously before telling her, “I've got to wear this thing till the end of term.”

Michelle's jaw hit the floor. She looked him up and down. He stood there sheepishly in his new shoes, new skirt, new blazer and new blouse. “Blimey...” she muttered before adding on a more optimistic note, “Still, at least you can 'wear' it.” she smiled.

Jon looked down at his hairless legs and nodded. He went into more detail about the events of Friday. Predictably, she said “You should have ignored them... or walked away.” Jon tried to explain the he couldn't and Michelle said, “Well at least Mark won't pick on you again, and the others are sheep...”

Yeah but look at me... I'm going to get so much hassle dressed like this.”

Michelle looked him up and down again. “No you're not.” she replied. “You got more hassle the last two weeks in your pants than you did the week before in a skirt.”

Jon pondered. As far as he was concerned he had got hassled ever since he'd got Mary drenched, but thinking about it, the hassle was more direct when he was back in his pants.

Anyway, you suit a skirt... and you know it's more comfortable.” she reminded him.

Jon hung his head. “It doesn't suit me though.” he replied.

Course it does... you're not exactly butch.” she said trying her best not to sound mean. “And you've shaved your legs again I see.” she added, glancing down at his legs. “And I love those shoes! Where did you get them?”

Jon sighed as his masculinity was belittled, but he wasn't offended too much, she was trying to be nice after all. He looked looked down at his feet, clad in shiny black low heeled Mary Jane's. “The uniform shop on Proctor Street.” he replied. The end of break bell rang and Jon and Michelle went their separate ways.

Over the following weeks, Michelle was pretty much Jon’s only friend. Stuart and Mark, along with their band of cronies kept well away from him, which suited Jon perfectly. Most other kids kept their distance too because all the boys who end up having to wear a skirt as a punishment also end up in relative 'Coventry' for the duration. A handful of people were routinely friendly or 'normal' with him. Probably because they were so accustomed to seeing him in a skirt day in day out it didn't seem to matter any more. Plus there was those who were glad he'd punched Mark and felt he clearly had it coming to him.

Jon just kept his head down and got on with his work. He met up with Michelle most break times or for lunch, and failing that he'd seek out his sister and her friends. That was OK but they said things like 'you're one of the girl's now' or nominated him an 'honorary girl' on occasion. He always blushed but didn't mind so much. They didn't tease him or call him a freak, they just accepted him for who he was, skirt and all.

At home he still had to wear his uniform until his homework was complete, which was usually right around bedtime. To be fair he did have end of term exams to study for but dragging it out as long as possible did mean he would have to wear one of his sister's old dresses until weekend. Thankfully his mother only enforced this for a couple of weeks and let him wear his boy clothes again when not in uniform. 'His' few dresses did however remain in his wardrobe.

As the summer term drew to a close, he sat his exams and did far better than last years. He was chuffed to bits with his results, as was his mother and sister. “We should go out and celebrate.” his mother suggested.

It sounded good to Jon who would never pass up the opportunity for a meal out. “I'm going to wear my new dress!” said Mary who'd been looking for a reason to wear it 'out'. “What are you going to wear Jon?” she asked gleefully. “Shall we all get dressed up mum?”

You can if you want.” Mum replied before Mary's suggestion sank in. “You mean all of us?” she quizzed, glancing at Jon who stood sheepishly in his school uniform.

Mary nodded and grinned, also glancing at her brother. The glint in her eye said it all.

I'm not going to wear a dress if that's what you're thinking.” Jon dryly stated.

Oh why not... you wear a skirt everyday... don't you want to wear something nice for once?”

But all mine are daggy.” he replied, “And I wouldn't be seen dead in any of them outside.”

Mary grinned. “I wasn't thinking of one of those... I was think of something of mine.”

Jon knew his sister had loads of nice clothes but never once expected to wear anything other than a few of her drab cast off's. And going out in his school uniform is one thing, but a nice dress is another. He looked to his mother as his sister's nods and encouraging grins were getting annoying.

Mary does have a point love... it would make a nice change to wear something really nice.” his mother said, siding with his sister. “Plus we've got hours yet so you've got plenty of time to find something you like... and if you don't find something you like you can always go as a boy instead.”

It was a hard decision for Jon... the idea of trying on loads of his sisters dresses, then possibly going out to a restaurant filled him with dread. “OK... but if I think I look stupid I'm going as a boy.” he reluctantly said.

His sister said they should get started straight away, but Jon said he had some homework to complete first. His mother said his homework can wait. After all his exams are all complete so it can't be anything important.

He spent the next hour marching to and fro between his and his sister's room, each time wearing a different frock or skirt & top combo. Each time his sister gave her opinion and he gave his. Some were better than others and with a little help from Mum, he settled on one he could 'wear'.

You're going to look gorgeous in that Jon.” his sister said as they both admired his reflection. “Take it off because you're going to need a shower before we do your hair and make-up.”

Really?” he asked. For some reason he figured he'd just wear a dress and that was it.

Of course... you can't get dressed up without having you hair and make-up done.” his sister grinned.

So Jon removed the dress and went for a shower. Afterwards his mother put him in a padded bra and a pair of his own white knickers and gave him a robe to wear. She spent ages doing his face and giving him a “quick pluck” as she put it. Before spending hardly any time running a bit of gel and a comb through his hair. He couldn't believe his eyes when he turned to look in the mirror!

Crickey mum you've turned me into a girl!” he exclaimed.

Well, not quite love but as near as I can.” she replied. “do you like it?”

I dunno... I look so different... I think I do.”

Twenty minutes later and he was dressed. Sheer honey coloured tights clad his legs and a pair of his sister's sandals were strapped around his feet. His knee length dress seemed to float around him and thanks to the padding in his bra and his mother's make-up skills, he looked and felt like a proper girl...
and a good looking one at that.

He was obviously nervous stepping
out of the car and into the restaurant,
but nobody batted an eyelid. As far as anyone else was concerned it was a mother and her two teenage daughters having a meal.

So how does it feel...” his sister asked once they were seated, “...being a proper honorary girl?”

It feels great.” Jon replied.

Well both of you look gorgeous...” Mum said, “I'm so proud of you.”

At that point a voice said, “Would you like any drinks whilst you order?”

All three of them looked up at the pretty waitress, who in turn looked at each of her guests. “Jon!?” she quizzed.

Michelle!” Jon realised. He'd never seen her with her hair tied back or wearing make-up. She looked beautiful.


  1. This is a good story to demonstrate why petticoat punishment does NOT WORK! They set him up to fail from the beginning. They made him a pirriah among his peers and painted a target on his back. They bear more than just a little responsibility for what happened. Four punishments for the same infraction is more than heavy handed it is downright abuse. He was bullied by the students and then the parents and teachers turned around and bullied him. The only thing petticoat punishment does is deminish a persons sense of self-worth. I KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT. If you don't think anyone values you then have no courage to fight back WITHIN THE SYSTEM.

  2. I read this and it just pisses me off! They lecture him when someone needs to open their eyes to what they did to him. The function behind petticoat punishment is humiliation. Where does the humiliation come from? The people he has to relate with! Well, that was kids, not adults: not mature! They effectively gave those kids permission to taunt ridicule and debase him. This story is a picture perfect example of how petticoat punishment couldn't work. I'm sorry but it just can't. We are NOT talking about 120 years ago. The schools are bigger along with the class sizes. 120 years ago many schools had only as many students as would fill a lecture class. It is a totally different dynamic.

  3. Don't get your knickers in a twist Thundershadow... it's just a story.

    It is not a scenario designed to promote petticoating as a punishment.

    It is a piece of fiction designed to entertain those who enjoy 'the fantasy of petticoating'.

    At what point did you take this seriously?

    "Calm down dear!"


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