Proactive Parenting Pamphlet

It appears that the concept of petticoat discipline is finally getting some much needed publicity. This pamphlet was brought to my attention by a concerned parent at my local community centre, who found the advice somewhat disturbing. I however hold quite the opposite view and explained to the 'concerned parent' that petticoating is a far more effective method of discipline than smacking or grounding. The lady seemed rather surprised at my response, so I explained further. 

"When my son Peter started secondary school, he changed from a pleasant and polite young boy into an absolute terror. He was constantly getting into trouble at school, failed to hand his homework in on time, he had at least one detention a week and I'd been called in to see the headmaster on several occasions.

I tried everything bar smacking as I feel hitting a child is wrong, but his behaviour remained that same. It was only when I was searching the internet for advice that I came across the concept of petticoating. Although I was neither keen on the idea, nor convinced it would have an affect, I reluctantly gave it a try. 

After a few teething problems and a lot of advice from my local petticoating store and their wonderful range of button back dresses; which are perfect for boys, Peter soon realised how little choice he had in the matter and decided to 'tow the line' so to speak. If he wants his boy clothes he has to earn them. So long as he does his homework, does his chores and remains polite and considerate at all times, as well as wearing his girl clothes without question or hesitation, then he can wear his boy clothes outside the house.

Each evening he arrives home from school and changes into his girl's version of the uniform before doing his homework. If this is not done to a satisfactory level, he truly believes he will have to attend school dressed in his girl's uniform the following day. Save to say he always tries his best to complete his homework to an acceptable standard."

The 'concerned parent', who shall remain nameless was unconvinced that any boy would willingly dress in girl's clothes given the choice. However i reminded her that he doesn't have a choice. "As far as clothes are concerned, all he has access to are his knickers, his skirts and his dresses. His boy clothes are safely held under lock and key in my bedroom... if he wants to wear them, he has to ask very politely for them."


  1. Just how it should be!!!

  2. You should produce the leaflet in a downloadable form.

  3. we will soon be protecting boys while the girls get tougher..