The Rules of Petticoating

Hello readers... I'd like some help in compiling a list of rules for petticoatees.

As a few examples, there's...
  1. Petticoatees must wear what they're told, when they're told. No ifs, no buts.
  2. Petticoatees must sit whenever they use the lavatory.
  3. Bath time for petticoatees should fall between 6pm and 7.30pm every night.
  4. Bedtime should be no later than 8pm for teenagers and 7pm for younger petticoatees.
  5. Bedtime means 'bed' time and a suitable 'night' nappy/daiper must be worn. 
  6. Nappies/daipers may not be removed until permitted by your parent or guardian.
  7. Parents and guardians must be addressed properly and politely. eg. Mummy, Daddy.
  8. Petticoatees must look after their things. Deliberate or accidental damage will not be tolerated.
  9. Disobedience, deviousness, discourtesy, impolite and immoral behaviour will not be tolerated.
  10. ???

I'm not looking for any physical punishments... petticoating shouldn't require any of that.

If you've got any ideas, please post them in the comments and I'll cherry pick my favourites.

Thanks :)


  1. One of the rules I had was No video games and no boys toys only allowed to play with girls things

  2. Older(teenage) petticoatees should be taught to have the designated sexual preferences befitting their new role in life. There will be no hanky panky with girls or other feminized boys.

  3. Petticoatees should attend ballet classes and do girls sports such as netball and wear the female uniform for these activities

  4. 1. No interrupting. Speak when spoken to.

    2. Impeccable manners. “Please, Thank You, Yes ma’am, etc.)

    3. No raised voices, yelling, tantrums. Soppy crying permitted in moderation when upset.

    4. All chores done without complaint and done right the first time.

    5. Always wear a pinafore/apron when doing chores or eating to protect your clothing.

    6. Always curtsy when greeting someone or receiving instructions or compliments.

    7. All books, television shows, or movies should be those appropriate for viewing by an immature girl.

    8. Always smile.

    9. Always be honest about why you are being petticoated and why you deserve it, what you need to learn to improve yourself.

    10. Being embarrassed is never an excuse not to follow the rules.

    1. love rule number 10 :)

      Keep 'em coming folks!

  5. - Petticoatees must play with real girls at least two hours per day to ingrain feminine habits by example and repetition.

    - Always speak in a soft, feminine voice with daily training to instill feminine words, phrases and inflections.

    - Attend deportment classes to ingrain feminine movement and behavior so it becomes second nature and replaces boyish behavior.

    - Maybe it's obvious but... for all age groups for a minimum of two years always dressed in a manner appropriate for a 5 year old (taffeta, silk, chiffon, satin full skirted, above the knee party dresses buttoned on to prevent removal; rumba panties; tights or lace/ruffle trimmed anklets; mary janes (preferably patent leather so any scuffing would indicate boyish behavior); and, bows, hair bands in their long hair. More age-appropriate clothing may be granted based on exemplary behavior.

    - hair must be worn long to emphasize the need for care.

    - Essays to female family members (including younger sisters), relatives and friends of the family describing why he is being petticoated and how much he enjoys his new clothes.

  6. Hey ok was just wondering if you are writing a new story

    1. I'm always writing new stories... whether they're worthy of publishing or likely to get finished is another matter entirely.

    2. I still love reading all your old stories and am hoping to read anything that you come up with to read

  7. Petticoatees must ensure their lingeri drawer is always topped with clean items, no use of washing machine is allowed.

  8. I can see a good story brewing from all the replies excellent ideas and I’ve been following PJ’s caption corner