The Rules of Petticoating

Hello readers... I'd like some help in compiling a list of rules for petticoatees.

As a few examples, there's...
  1. Petticoatees must wear what they're told, when they're told. No ifs, no buts.
  2. Petticoatees must sit whenever they use the lavatory.
  3. Bath time for petticoatees should fall between 6pm and 7.30pm every night.
  4. Bedtime should be no later than 8pm for teenagers and 7pm for younger petticoatees.
  5. Bedtime means 'bed' time and a suitable 'night' nappy/daiper must be worn. 
  6. Nappies/daipers may not be removed until permitted by your parent or guardian.
  7. Parents and guardians must be addressed properly and politely. eg. Mummy, Daddy.
  8. Petticoatees must look after their things. Deliberate or accidental damage will not be tolerated.
  9. Disobedience, deviousness, discourtesy, impolite and immoral behaviour will not be tolerated.
  10. ???

I'm not looking for any physical punishments... petticoating shouldn't require any of that.

If you've got any ideas, please post them in the comments and I'll cherry pick my favourites.

Thanks :)


  1. One of the rules I had was No video games and no boys toys only allowed to play with girls things

  2. Older(teenage) petticoatees should be taught to have the designated sexual preferences befitting their new role in life. There will be no hanky panky with girls or other feminized boys.

  3. Petticoatees should attend ballet classes and do girls sports such as netball and wear the female uniform for these activities

  4. 1. No interrupting. Speak when spoken to.

    2. Impeccable manners. “Please, Thank You, Yes ma’am, etc.)

    3. No raised voices, yelling, tantrums. Soppy crying permitted in moderation when upset.

    4. All chores done without complaint and done right the first time.

    5. Always wear a pinafore/apron when doing chores or eating to protect your clothing.

    6. Always curtsy when greeting someone or receiving instructions or compliments.

    7. All books, television shows, or movies should be those appropriate for viewing by an immature girl.

    8. Always smile.

    9. Always be honest about why you are being petticoated and why you deserve it, what you need to learn to improve yourself.

    10. Being embarrassed is never an excuse not to follow the rules.

    1. love rule number 10 :)

      Keep 'em coming folks!

  5. - Petticoatees must play with real girls at least two hours per day to ingrain feminine habits by example and repetition.

    - Always speak in a soft, feminine voice with daily training to instill feminine words, phrases and inflections.

    - Attend deportment classes to ingrain feminine movement and behavior so it becomes second nature and replaces boyish behavior.

    - Maybe it's obvious but... for all age groups for a minimum of two years always dressed in a manner appropriate for a 5 year old (taffeta, silk, chiffon, satin full skirted, above the knee party dresses buttoned on to prevent removal; rumba panties; tights or lace/ruffle trimmed anklets; mary janes (preferably patent leather so any scuffing would indicate boyish behavior); and, bows, hair bands in their long hair. More age-appropriate clothing may be granted based on exemplary behavior.

    - hair must be worn long to emphasize the need for care.

    - Essays to female family members (including younger sisters), relatives and friends of the family describing why he is being petticoated and how much he enjoys his new clothes.

  6. Hey ok was just wondering if you are writing a new story

    1. I'm always writing new stories... whether they're worthy of publishing or likely to get finished is another matter entirely.

    2. I still love reading all your old stories and am hoping to read anything that you come up with to read

  7. Petticoatees must ensure their lingeri drawer is always topped with clean items, no use of washing machine is allowed.

  8. I can see a good story brewing from all the replies excellent ideas and I’ve been following PJ’s caption corner

  9. I was wondering if you were working on any more stories as I do love reading them

    1. I'm always working on new stories... the problem is, they're easy to start but hard to finish. I hope to get one published before too long. I know it's been a while :)

  10. Yes it is hard to finish.That's why we appreciate the effort you make in writing some excellent stories. Always love to read them over and over. Thank you so much for you hard work.

  11. Hello PJ I was thinking of writing a story based on your Growing up is hard to do.Any issues with that.

    1. None what-so-ever... That (and several more of my stories) were inspired by Jamie Vesta's Genderquake stories, so all credit for the scenario goes to him really :)

    2. I mean could I copy some sentences and a bit of storyline? Thank you

    3. Providing its not going on a subscription site or pay to read, of course (otherwise it's a no, sorry). Please send a link if you publish it. It would be interesting to read a new take on it :)

  12. Five Senses Rules of Petticoating:

    A Petticoatee must submit to their petticoating according to the rules of the five senses. Each sense they possess must be filled with the feminine, the girly, the submissive wholely and completely.

    1)SIGHT. A Petticoatee must look completely feminine and doll-like at all times from the top of his long, pretty hair, to his polished toes. Hair must be properly made up, including a hair decoration (such as a band, bow or hat) of his own choice. Make-up must be immaculate at all times. Nails are always immaculately polished for both hands and feet.

    Matching jewellery to the outfit is required, a necklace and bracelet will be worn at all times. Pierced ears will always have earrings in them.

    A petticoatee is only allowed to wear pretty, frilly dresses in the little girl style, full petticoats are encouraged. Frilly socks or tights are to be worn with girls patent buckle shoes. Petticoatees must select at least two of the following matching accessories for their outfit which must stay with them at all times. a) purse or bag, b) satin gloves or c)doll.

    Petticoatees will be trained in deportment & feminine mannerisms. They will perfect the curtsy, which will be performed to the Superiors at all times to demonstrate their submissive status.

    2) SOUND. A petticoatee should be heard from the other side of the house. A loud swishing petticoat, tinkling jewellery, or a little bell are just some ideas. Remember that the right shoes can make the most delightfful sound.

    It is important to remember that a petticoatee should be seen and not heard, but when they are spoken to, they will have had voice training to ensure a feminine voice, with appropriate submissive tones.

    3) TASTE. A Petticoatee is to ensure that lipstick and/or lip gloss of their own choosing is applied at all times. It is important that the sissy taste of cherry (or any other flavoured) lipgloss is on their lips at all times.

    4) FEEL. Short silk gloves guarantee that everything that a Petticoatee touches is soft and pretty and of course satin or silk lingerie is a must. The same soft, flowing fabrics for their dress is also required. Never forget that a tight corset always ensures that a Petticoatee feels the appropriate restriction of their situation!

    Accessories should not be overlooked, deciding on flat shoes or heels are important to how a Petticoatee feels. Even a large hair decoration reminds a petticoatee of their situation, not to mention having to hold a purse or doll 100% of the time.

    5) SMELL. It goes without saying that a Petticoatee only uses feminine scented soaps, oils and shampoo. Perfume is required at all times and a bottle must be carried in their purse at all times.

    Petticoatees will receive training and assistance at first, but are expected to dress and deport themselves according to the above five rules in short order. A daily inspection will be completed at the morning curtsy to ensure full compliance.

    Any shortcomings will receive immediate and strict discipline with no exceptions. The following example are not exhaustive and provide a guide only:

    Any and all masculine behaviour, including male thought-crime will be dealt with and removed immediately.

    Failure to properly wear matching jewellery and accessories will be punished.

    Failure to properly wear lingerie and undergarments such as crooked or sagging tights, improperly tightened corset, underwear that improperly matches the outfit will be punished.

    Poorly applied make-up will be immediately remedied and punishment applied.

    Inability to maintain proper weight will ensure the Petticoatee will be put on an adequate diet until weight is returned to normal.

    Failure to curtsy to a superior will be severely punished.

    Any dirt, stains, imperfections or tears in a Petticoatees dress or shoes will incur punishment.

    Failure to apply perfume, feminine tasting lipgloss or lipstick will be punished.

    NB: I'm sure I have some (not many) sissies/petticoatees that might just comply with the above